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Composition on the painting "Rye" Shishkin: how to write a five

At Russian language lessons, students often writecreative work, presentation, dictation. In the 4th grade - an essay on Shishkin's painting "Rye", one of the most famous works of this unique artist. Let's see how to plan correctly, what details to pay attention to and what you need to show the teacher to get an excellent rating.

General issues

Before you start writing, read the work itself. You can write an essay on Shishkin's "Rye" picture only if you carefully studied it.

composition on the picture of rye
What does the teacher want from you? What should you give him to get a good evaluation? There are three components here: your own thoughts, the ability to put them in a beautiful form and follow the rules of writing creative work. Let's consider each component separately so that you could stage-by-stage in the 4th grade an essay on the painting "Rye", and in the subsequent - any other work.


The first thing you need to demonstratehis awareness of the existence of the concept of the structure of work. If you start with the words "The picture is shown ..." you immediately lower the score by the score. Because the reader does not even know what is at stake!

composition on the picture of shishkin rye 4 class
In the composition of the painting Shishkin "Rye" in the 4th gradeyou must first mention the name of the canvas and its author. After this, tell us some facts about the artist. Then go to the description, diluting it with your own reasoning. Finally, beautifully complete the text, not forgetting to note the importance of Shishkin's work for the national culture.

about the author

What do you know about the artist? What is remarkable about this work? When it was written - in what century, in what year? Maybe you can even specify the terrain depicted on the canvas. Remember: in the composition of the painting Shishkin "Rye" you can show erudition, earning an extra "plus" in the eyes of the teacher.

an essay on a picture of shishkin rye
What are the favorite subjects in his works? Do you know his other works? Not every student can boast of a biography of a great artist - be smarter, read about him in advance. Moreover, this representative of the Russian school of painting is a truly outstanding author.

Main part

Look close at the canvas. Thanks to the photographic accuracy of the artist, you can distinguish the smallest details: the ears bend, but there is no wind: the trees are calm. So, the harvest has already ripened, and you can unmistakably determine the time of the year. In the grass, you can see a lot of cornflowers - their blue petals stand out clearly against the background, if you look closely.

composition on the picture rye 4 class
In the composition on the theme "Shishkin's painting" Rye "every detail is worth mentioning. Where do birds fly? What do you think, what is their "breed"? Look, where does the light fall from the trees: what time of the day is depicted in the picture? Tell us, how do you think, did the author skillfully convey the mood of the landscape and why.


The teacher always wants to see the progress of hisstudent. Use beautiful words, do not be lazy to look at them in the dictionary. Formulate the main idea orally, and then embellish it: choose synonyms, epithets, metaphors. Try in the composition of Shishkin's painting "Rye" in grade 4 to use at least a few words that were not used in previous works of art. This is sure to be noted by the teacher when assessing.


No matter how beautiful you say, forgrammatical errors and tongue-tied score you will certainly be reduced. If you forget some rules: confuse "-s" and "-s", "during" and "during", this is fixable - the Internet today allows you to test yourself in real time. The main thing is not to be lazy. In addition, in the composition of the painting "Rye" you should use complex sentences, not limited to the subject, the predicate and a pair of secondary members.


You can ask your parents for help ifthere are certain problems, but do not ask them to do any homework for you! In this case, you will not learn anything, and in the future the number of complex and incomprehensible works will only increase. Write a composition in the 4th grade on Shishkin's "Rye" by yourself and give it to adults to check that they note mistakes that need to be corrected. So you will practice, and get a good evaluation.

Internet using

In no case do not write off the finished work fromthe Internet! Of course, there you can find them, but what's the point? The most important creative work in your school life you can not write off, because they are issued individually, and you will not know your mistakes. Lack of experience and ability sooner or later will do its job, so consider this work on the painting "Rye" as a way to practice. Successful writing of it will be a small achievement on the way to a great goal.


To make the text look like a single artisticit is necessary to complete it at the highest emotional point. If in the middle of the composition of the painting "Rye" you are engaged in analyzing the canvas, note any aesthetic subtleties, then in the finals it is necessary to move to a greater level of generalization.

an essay on a picture of a shishkin rye
Note the beauty of Russian nature, its expanses, forests and fields; A rare talent of the artist and the skill of his possession of the brush. A few suggestions will be enough.

Thus, the composition of the painting "Rye"consists of three parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. All the work will take you no more than an hour, even taking into account the fact that you will write it by hand. Put some effort and inspiration into this text, and the teacher will definitely appreciate it.

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