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Description of one masterpiece: Shishkin's picture "Rye"

I.I. Shishkin - one of the best representatives of the Russian school of painting, a master of realistic landscapes. As his contemporaries, fellow artists and critics noted, the artist subtly felt the psychology, the nature of nature and wonderfully accurately knew how to convey them, express in his work. A remarkable canvas "Rye" - a vivid confirmation of this.

Shishkin's picture rye

Rye, rye, field road ...

Shishkin's painting "Rye" - a classic reflectionRussian national chronotope. What does he represent? The glade of fields or steppe and the distance going away. The space is expanded, it is not limited to mountains or any structures. And above it - the same wide, boundless sky, whitish-bluish, with floating thoughtful clouds. And as connecting the two elements - the earth and air - the links-trees, raising their crowns. This is exactly what Shishkin's Rye looks like. It was written in 1878, after another trip to his native Yelabuga. The audience saw the canvas at the 6th exhibition of the Wanderers - and were subdued by its uncomplicated stately beauty and sincerity. What did they see? Going from the viewer forward is a narrow, grass-grown road, laid by peasant carts between a golden rye field. Niva bangs on the right and left sides, low, dense, it seems, and it is audible rustle of ears under the breeze of the breeze.

Description of the picturesque canvas

Shishkin rye description of the painting
This is the picture of Shishkin "Rye" on the frontplan. In addition to the field, the audience seems to be enveloping, enveloping the sky from all sides. It seems that it lets in: step through the frame, be inside the canvas - and be inside it, too. The field and the sky stretch far, where the eye is enough, and hide behind the horizon. And on both sides of the field, along its edge, there are lonely tall pine trees. And this is not accidental. Although the picture of Shishkin "Rye" is called, but the artist could not resist not to draw his favorite tree. It is rightfully considered a symbol of all his creativity. Pines high, with whitish, slightly curved trunks. Their branches are lowered down and resemble a magnificent natural tent. Trees, like mighty warriors-sentinels, are guarding the ripening harvest. Ivan Shishkin "Rye" wrote his own, admired sincerely not only the scope of Russian fields, their clean, fresh breath, but also the majesty, the pride of prickly giants.

Mood pictures

Ivan Shishkin rye
Considering the canvas,its charm, it is impossible not to pay attention to the special state of the threatening prediction in which nature is located. She seemed frozen in anticipation, in anticipation of the spree of the elements, as capricious and uncontrollable, boundless as the Russian spirit. In this, perhaps, the whole Shishkin! "Rye" (the description of the picture helps to understand this) - canvas, mood, canvas. The author notices how solitary gusts of wind travel over the ears, as the tops of the pines are swayed, as are their huge paws nodding from side to side. The image is saturated with latent expression, expressive and dynamic. Particularly revitalized give the canvas flying low over the earth swallows. They draw arrows with arrows, emphasizing the anxious expectation of the nature of the purifying thunderstorm. The bastion road curls forward. In the background silhouettes of solitary trees stand out. A crenellated strip of forest is very far away. In the same place, the sky is darker, the clouds thickened with dense mass. And in the center of the picture they are lighter, with a light pinkish tinge. What does the viewer feel, stopping before Shishkin's work, contemplating it? Probably, an irresistible desire to be there, in this hot midday region, to face the sun, to breathe in from the heart the fragrant warm air and feel like a part of this magnificent, eternal nature.

Such is it, the life-giving power of real art!

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