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What is the cover? Book cover

It would seem that the simple word "cover", with whicheach encountered more than once, should not cause any difficulties. But if you try to answer the question: "What is the cover?", Many will have difficulties with the exact definition of this word.

what is the cover

History of appearance

So, what is the cover and how did it come about? The history of its appearance is inextricably linked with the evolution of the book. Initially, there was no need for covers, since the first books were strikingly different from the modern volumes that we are familiar with. At first these were sheets of papyrus, which were glued together in long scrolls, birch-bark letters and clay tablets. All these materials had one big drawback: they were fragile.

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By the III century in Europe began to be used for writingmore convenient material that could be bent - parchment. Hardly earlier codes appeared - the media of information closest to the modern book. The codes already used a cover, which was made of a durable material.

The more complex the production of books and theMore information they could store, the more sharply the need arose to protect their contents. With the advent of manuscripts, the value of books has increased. The process of manual manufacturing, expensive materials made medieval manuscripts priceless. The books were so expensive that only very rich people could afford them. What is the cover in the Middle Ages? They were wooden boards, which were attached to the sheets of the manuscript and glued a piece of leather on top. Then the book was enclosed in an expensive salary, adorned with jewels.

After the appearance of paper in Europe, the cover of books began to acquire the usual modern look.

What is Cover - Definition and Types

This word is called covering the book and its design. The cover can be soft or hard. Usually, paper or cardboard is used for its production.

What is the cover? This is not only the protection of the book from damage, but also the reader's way of obtaining information about it: the title of the work and the name of the author.

Do not confuse the cover and binding of the book - these are different concepts.

what is the cover

What is the cover of the book for?

The answer to this question is known practically to everyone - fromyounger schoolchildren to the older generation. This is the protection of snow-white and fragile books from the adverse effects of the environment, and mechanical damage.

But even the most solid cover of the book will not save herfrom spoiling, if treated with carelessness. It is enough to drop it from a height on a hard surface, and you can cause serious damage to both the cover and the pages of the book. If you take care of the book and use it carefully, it will look like a brand new for many years.

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