/ / Economic pressure and its impact on the situation in the state

Economic pressure and its impact on the situation in the state

Economic pressure is often associated withimplemented by the policy of the macroeconomic level, which leads to the formation of insurmountable barriers in an effort to increase investment activity. It can also be about the complexities that lead to a slowdown in the growth of economic indicators, which explains the further disintegration of the state and the inconsistency of the structure of the production and technological systems.

economic pressure

Economic pressure helps to consolidatealready established trends in the decline in financial performance in the manufacturing sector. It can also lead to a reduction in production, investment and general security of the state. It is known from the scientific literature that maintaining a low investment index leads to an acceleration of the process of degradation of the entire production potential of the state.

We should not forget about emerging problems,associated with the rapid aging and depreciation of fixed assets (today their wear and tear in industry is about 50%). This economic situation now affects the plight of such domestic industries as engineering (wear over 50%) and the chemical industry (60%). Such a serious gap in the renewal of the potential in production in the condition of structural disproportion creates conditions that lead to the impossibility of forming integrity in production structures.

economic policy

Modern economic policy shouldto promote the sustainable development of those production and technological structures that may turn out to be structural elements of external reproductive circuits, both in the form of raw materials sources and in the form of energy- and material-intensive semi-finished products. Also, the creation of such elements in the economic activities of the state will make it possible to use global closed reproduction contours, which are responsible for servicing the consumption of imported finished products.

Economic pressure should be severalis limited to achieving a certain equilibrium in the Russian economy. Thus, the current structure of capital investments by two thirds consists of investments in the fuel and energy complex. Therefore, the existing tendencies of the disintegration of financial support and the absorption of the remaining elements of it by reproduction contours of an external character will allow to form such a characteristic of the structure of the domestic economy.

economic situation

Here you can observe the economicpressure on such export-oriented branches of chemical, metallurgical and fuel-energy complexes. We are talking first of all about the gas industry, non-ferrous metallurgy and services in terms of trade in imported goods and servicing financial markets. Among the manufacturing industries oriented to the domestic Russian market, the food and woodworking industries may be undeveloped. Also, there will be a sharp decrease in the indicators for machine building and in science-intensive industries.

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