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Types of political system in modern states

Awareness of sociology and political scientistsphenomena, as a political system, came back in the middle of the twentieth century. This term implies a wide range of legal norms and institutional bodies, which determine the life of society by their form.

types of political system
During the same period, the main typespolitical system of society. Each of these types has characteristic features in the relationship between power and the population and in the way this power is exercised. Types of modern political systems are quite diverse already because different countries and states in different parts of the world have passed through absolutely unique historical conditions that gave them their own civilizational, mental and other characteristics. For example, the democratic device known today to every schoolboy could not possibly have arisen in the midst of eastern tyranny. It was the blood of the development of European capitalism.

Types of political system

Current political scientists distinguish three main types that exist today on the planet, and a lot of mixed options. However, consider the main ones.

Types of political system: democracy

types of modern political systems

Modern democratic devicespresuppose a number of binding principles. In particular, the separation of branches of power, which is an additional measure of protection against its usurpation; the regular displacement of government officials by re-election; equality of all people before the state laws, regardless of the official, property status or any other advantages. And the central principle of this concept is the recognition of the people as the bearer of the supreme power in the country, which automatically assumes the service to this people of all government structures, its right to their free change and insurrection.

Types of political system: authoritarianism

Although the absolute majority of the worldthe public recognizes the democratic system as the most progressive, however, the usurpation of power sometimes happens. An example is military coups, continuity from archaic forms, as in some monarchies that have survived to this day.

types of political system of society
This system is characterized by the fact that allgovernment powers are concentrated in the hands of a group of persons or just one person. Quite often authoritarianism is accompanied by a lack of real opposition in the state, violation of the rights and freedoms of its citizens by the government itself, and so on.

Types of political system: totalitarianism

Totalitarianism at first glance is very similarauthoritarian device. However, unlike him, here the interference in public life is deeper and at the same time more subtle. With a totalitarian system, citizens of the state are brought up from an early age in the conviction that this ideology, power and path are the only true ones. Thus, in totalitarian systems, power gets much more tenacious control over the spiritual and social life of society.

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