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With what to wear trousers trousers

Pants trousers - a thing bright, spectacular andnot ordinary. Today they are very relevant, but they can not be called debut for their success. The world of fashion has experienced not one stage of excitement caused by this expressive model of trousers.

pants trousers

Sharovar can fit into almost anywardrobe. In addition, they are suitable for holders of different types of figures. With the help of trousers of loose cut, you can create many different images - feminine, romantic and stylish. In our article you will find recommendations on what to wear with bloomers. A review of the most popular fabrics, styles and colors will help to choose the most successful option.

Pants with a history

Foreign designers refer to trousers as trousers of the eastern princess or harem trousers. This is not surprising, because beloved great rulers of the East really wore such clothes.

Something similar can be found not only amongwomen's costumes. Cossacks wore wide trousers with cords at the waist and ankles. But they were not inventors, but adopted fashion from the steppe people: Pechenegs, Polovtsians, Khazars.

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In the field of view of fashionable stylists, wide trousers fell intomid-twentieth century. Pants free cut, sewn from bright natural fabrics, immediately chose a hippie. Since then, the theme of the "Children of Flowers" has surfaced in fashion more than once, and with her on the pages of fashion gloss, in the windows of boutiques and on the streets of the cities came back and bloomers. Today we are experiencing another boom.

Sharovars in modern fashion

Modern designers often use thisidea for creating summer collections. Photos of women's trousers of trousers clearly demonstrate how comfortable and comfortable this clothing is. One look is enough to understand: the best option for recreation and travel is not found.

However, the imagination of modern designers is notlimited to beaches, parks and camping. Sharovary confidently stepped into the streets of cities, offices, restaurants and theaters. Yes, yes, we can say that today the glorious past returned to the elegant detail of the wardrobe of the eastern princesses of the past. After all, once such pants sewed from the best silks, decorated with precious stones, pearls and exquisite embroidery. As it turned out, the enticing silhouette with tempting folds did not outlive itself, and modern beauties are not averse to taking advantage of the experience of their predecessors.

Small cheat sheet

If you decide to settle this wardrobe in your wardrobe, it is necessary to determine the terminology. Sharovars are sometimes confused with other similar models.

The first in the list of similar trousers are Joggers. Their story began with sportswear designed for running. Sharovars usually have a casual low fit on the hips. Jogers have the same flat cut, but smaller, and among all the variety of models, the influence of the sport style is traced.

Pants kyuloty and palazzo wide, but the bottom of the trousers is free, no kulisok and elastics are not. And in the waistline, the cut is not so democratic: the trousers have a belt, darts and a tulle.

But afghani can be called the closest relative of sharovar. The cuts for these models are different, but they are similar in style.

Popular materials

Summer pants trousers are made from silk, chiffon,cambric, cotton, and flax. Often on the shelves there are models made of artificial fabrics, but for the heat they are not the best option. But if in the composition of natural tissue there is a very small percentage of synthetic fibers, it is even better - the pants will be less scraped.

photo trousers of trousers for women

For sports and leisure knitted trousers are comfortable. And the creators of evening wear use for their creations velvet, satin and even brocade.

Actual colors

In the coming season, juicy berry shades promise to become a real hit. No less organically looks spectacular model in low-key colors: black, white, dark blue, green.

A special position is occupied by trousers with print andembroidery. If you want to emphasize the eastern origin of this part of the wardrobe, choose a model with the appropriate print. For example, the "Turkish cucumber" can be just an ideal option.

For those who prefer a romantic style, the floral print is perfect.

A special place for trousers takes in the wardrobe of women who love Boho style. If you are one of them, give preference to natural shades of marshes, steppes and clay.

Color is the determining factor in the searchthe answer to the question of what to wear women's pants trousers. The photos in our article once again confirm a simple truth: the more spectacular and expressive the bottom, the calmer the top should be. In other words, an ideal pair for bright bloomers can be a solid one-piece top.

Lovely details

It is necessary to recognize, trousers trousers are not so simple, asit could seem. Laconic cut - a great party for the unusual "chips". If you like creative ideas and boring combinations, pay attention to the details.

pants trousers women's photo

Sharovars can have unusual cuffs withfasteners or laces, patch pockets, embroidery on the belt or side seams. Designers often resort to such unusual moves as smell, cuts, draperies.

Swimsuits for leisure

Let us consider in detail a few morepopular options. Sharovars in casual style can be sewn from any fabric with the most crazy and cheerful pattern. In such spectacular trousers, you will definitely be in the spotlight. Feel free to dress up in them, going on a trip, plener, a master class on mehendi, a fair of hand-made.

summer pants trousers

A photo of trousers of trousers for women perfectly demonstrate that on vacation these trousers are irreplaceable. They can be complemented by a knitted top, a short jeans jacket, knitted golf.

Comfortable clothes for sports

If you happen to visit at least once in your lifeyoga training, you probably know about the unprecedented popularity of sharovar among lovers of Indian culture. Of course, for hiking in the gym there are a lot of much more convenient options, but as clothing for outdoor sports, loose wide pants are quite suitable. And just for active recreation, during which badminton and volleyball fights are supposed, this clothing is very good.

In the style of peach

Many models of trousers of trousers, photos of which are presented in our article, are quite suitable for everyday wardrobe.

pants women's trousers with what to wear photo

Of course, it is worth giving morerestrained designs. Unusual tops consisting of a top and short waistcoat are perfect for monophonic trousers. An excellent choice can be an asymmetrical shirt or a pattern with inserts from an unusual material: leather, lace, organza.

Recommendations for choosing shoes

Earlier, stylists could imagine trousers only in a shoe company on a flat course. This combination is considered one of the most successful in our day.

An excellent pair for the trousers can be comfortable flip-flop flops, Crocs, abarcas, espadrilles, ballet flats. Fashion includes footwear on the orthopedic soles, she should also pay attention.

For the cool season it is worth considering the option of sport moccasins, low boots in eco-style, sneakers.

But today, along with traditional optionsToday, more daring combinations are also relevant. Sharovarov can often be seen in the company of shoes with heels, wedges and even hairpins. Unusually, there are wide trousers tied at the ankles by the cusp, in the company of ankle boots and low boots.

Well, if you put a pair of trousers in a suitcase, going on vacation, by all means, take the opportunity to dress in these showy trousers and stroll along the sand, in general, without any shoes - barefoot.

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