/ / Hit of the season - female and male moccasins. With what to wear them to look stylish?

The hit of the season is women's and men's moccasins. With what to wear them to look stylish?

Very convenient and light footwear today aremoccasins. For their production use a leather, imitation leather or suede. After reading this article, you will find out what they are, why today both women's and men's moccasins are popular, with what to wear these shoes and how to make your image modern and attractive.

From the history of creation

It is believed that moccasins received their ownpopularity thanks to North American Indians. At that time, the main material from which the shoes were sewn was the skin. Later Europeans improved moccasins and began to use for the production of soles more rough rawhide leather, which helped protect feet from damage with stones or thorns. The winter version of this shoe was made of hides with wool.

Today's popularity of moccasins is obligedsenor Mostil. In the 60's, he created a rubberized sole for this shoe, and later it became indispensable for motorists. The sole of modern moccasins can be rubber, leather or rubber. For some models, a small heel is characteristic. And the obligatory element of this shoe is a tongue, surrounded by a seam.

Men's loafers. With what to wear?
Often it is decorated with fringe, tassels or bridges. Some moccasins have shoelaces that help the shoe sit more tightly.

Men's loafers. With what to wear?

Men's moccasins are considered stylish, fashionable and at the same time comfortable shoes.

Women's moccasins. With what to wear?
Unlike sports and classic shoes,which is not combined with each style, they are suitable for walks in the park, and for work in the office. What are men's moccasins? With what to wear this shoes, to remain stylish and attractive? To do this, remember a few simple rules.

1) Moccasins are informal shoes. Therefore, they should not be worn under a classic suit, tuxedo or coat. If you still wear moccasins under a strict office suit, choose shoes of restrained colors.

2) If you put on beach shorts, training pants or jogger pants, then it is better to give up moccasins. The same applies to sweatshirts with a hood.

3) Moccasins are created for the warm season. Therefore, the combination of warm clothes and moccasins is highly undesirable.

4) Moccasins fit perfectly to jeans and linen pants. And if you tuck into jeans while opening the ankle area, you can give your image even more elegance.

5) Fans of short trousers and jeans shorts can safely wear these shoes.

6) Male version of moccasins should be worn withoutSocks, especially with shorts and short pants. As for the latter, if the option without socks seems unacceptable to you, get short socks. But do not forget that this wardrobe item should not be visible, and the color of the socks should be selected according to the color of the trousers.

Women's moccasins. With what to wear?

Female moccasins are also very popular. They are suitable for both trousers and skirts of a sports style. These shoes are usually in the summer, although dry autumn weather is also considered to be favorable for wearing moccasins (but only if you put on a denim jacket or windbreaker, but in no case a coat). These shoes are ideally combined with tight jeans or breeches. To sports suits, skirts-trousers and long skirts, they also fit. Elegantly look moccasins with summer sarafans. Classic pants can be combined with such shoes if you put on a man's shirt. What does not fit with moccasins is leggings and leggings. But a short flared skirt in combination with such shoes is a win-win option. The image is perfectly complemented by a short denim or leather jacket, waistcoat or turtleneck.

As you can see, moccasins can be worn with almostany clothes. In this case, the highlight of your image can become models of bright colors: blue, yellow, red moccasins. With what to wear such shoes? It all depends on what style of footwear you prefer: classic or semi-sport. To clothes of a sports style usually choose blue footwear, although the red looks much more interesting.

Red moccasins. With what to wear?
And if you put on red jeans or cotton trousers and top of contrast color, you will look stylish and fashionable.

Now you know that the most popular shoes this season are women's and men's moccasins. With what to wear moccasins, and what colors to combine - you decide.

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