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How to determine the size of things. S what size clothes for men and women.

The sizes on clothes began to be designated since then,as it was launched on an industrial scale. They are determined by means of linear metering (mm, cm, inches). In this way, you can determine the size of any parts of the body: legs (hips), waist, arms, shoulders and their volumes. On the clothing or shoes the manufacturer always indicates the appropriate size of the product (on the tag, sole). In each country, the designations may differ significantly.

By what parameters do you determine the size of things, clothes

The international line (INT) starts with XS. Further on increasing are S, M, L, XL, XXL. But the designation XXS (very small) is still accepted.

s what size clothes

In France and Europe it is accepted that XS is the 34th size, S is the 36th, M is the 38th, and so on.

In Germany, the smallest size (XS) begins with the designation number 32, then 34, 36, 38, in ascending order.

In Russia, the smallest format (XS) is identicaldigit 40, S - 42, M - 44-46, L - 46-48 and then in increasing order. Also in our country it is customary to take into account the semifinished breast for determining the size of women's clothing.

Many manufacturers on product tags indicatedesignations adopted in several countries. For example, the question "S - what size clothes?" you can answer: 36 (based on the Russian grid for gauging) or 34 (if for a sample to take clothes made in Germany). So it all depends on the provider country.

S - what size clothes?

Depending on the type of product (shirts, dressesblouses, T-shirts or outerwear,) there are corresponding tables of notations. For women's and men's clothes there are some differences, so it's best to measure the parameters of your body on your own.
If we consider the value of S (what size of clothing - for men and women are different values), then we can give examples:
1) men's pants, shorts, jeans, S - this figure will be 29-30 size (belt, cm - 78-82);
2) women's jeans, leggings, shorts, S - most likely 28 or 27th size, maybe 26 (girth around the waist, cm - 78-84).

s what size of clothes for men

The same is true for outerwear for women and men:
1) for women S parameter (T-shirts, dresses, blouses, jackets, coats) means the following girths:
- Waist -, 65 cm;
- chest - 85 cm;
- Hips - 90 cm.
2) for men, the same parameter (shirts, outerwear, T-shirts) is suitable for such volumes:
- waist - 74-80 cm;
- chest - 88-94 cm.

Therefore, the value of S (what size of clothes - wefind out at the moment) for women and men is very different in terms of the structure of their body. Also, domestic designations of sizes have their own characteristics.

If the item indicates S. What is the size of the men's clothing?

Consider the appropriate size table for men, indicating the Russian size.

Clothing sizes for men: shirts, outerwear,T-shirts

International guidelinesXSSMLXLXXL
Russian designation42 * 4444 * 4646 * 4848 * 5050 * 5252 * 54
See, (chest, from max to min.)82 * 8788 * 9494 * 101102 * 109110 * 117118 * 124
Cm, (waist, from max to min.)69 * 7374 * 8081 * 8788 * 9596 * 103104 * 110

Pants, shorts, jeans for men

(in the table some dimensions are indicated: from XS to M)

Parameters (indication in figures)272829303132
Parameters (indication in letters)XSSM
See, (by belt, girth, min. * Max.)70.01 * 7373.01 * 7478 * 80.0180.01 * 8284 * 86.0190 * 92

("*" - indication from the minimum to the boundary values ​​in the tables)

All data are listed in ascending order.

Features of the parameters of women's clothing

The female body has its own distinctivefeatures, and often it is harder for women to choose the appropriate size. For example, the chest girth may correspond to the sizes 44-46 (the Russian designation, the international designation will be S), and the hip volume according to the parameters will correspond to the size 46-48 (international - M).

s what size of clothes is female

For example, consider some data in the table to determine the size for women (dresses, outerwear, T-shirts) according to international and Russian standards.

International dimension indicationRussian dimensionsSm (by chest girth, min./max.)See, (hips girth, from min to max values)Measurements on the waist,
XS40 * 4280 * 8488 * 9260 * 64
S42 * 4484 * 8892 * 9664 * 68
M44 * 4688 * 9296 * 10068 * 72
L46 * 4892 * 96100 * 10472 * 76
XL48 * 5096 * 100104 * 10876 * 80
XXL50 * 52100 * 104108 * 11280 * 84
XXXL52 * 54104 * 108112 * 11684 * 88

Having looked through the indication in the table, it is easy to determinewith a designation S (what size of clothes female), proceeding from parameters of a body. Many manufacturers practice S-M size, because these sizes are one of the most popular, and this average size helps to take into account both the parameters of the chest girth, and the hips, waistline.
Size S for women's jeans, shorts, trousers is also quite a broad designation: the best 27, 26 or 28 sizes (girth on the belt from 78 to 84 centimeters).
Some women have been endowed with standardsome "special" dimensions. This also applies to the structure of the male body. Buying clothes in the store, there is always the opportunity to try on a thing, but buying through the Internet sites will require some effort in the form of measuring the parameters of your own body. In the dimensional grid of any store on the Internet, the size of the main parameters of the human body (regardless of the country of production) (chest, waist, hip circumference) is indicated.

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