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Children's clothing sizes by age - it's easy to understand!

Few of the young parents will drag theira newly born baby in the store in order to buy him clothes. As a rule, such events are held without his participation. How not to miss with the size? This question is relevant for those who buy clothes as a gift. And for fans to order things in online stores, both Russian and foreign, it is quite exciting, especially since children's clothing sizes vary by age in different countries.

children's clothing sizes by age
Of course, most self-respectingmanufacturers on their websites hang out detailed tables on which you can navigate. You only need to make appropriate measurements: chest girth, waistline and so on. In practice, this is important in the case where the choice stops on models that should sit clearly on the figure. Mostly this applies to things for older children.

Most parents when choosing things forToddlers, as a rule, focuses on children's sizes of clothes by age and growth. This is due in large part to the fact that the wardrobe of a small child consists of free-cut items that do not constrain movement. So the detailed measurements of all the proportions of the baby's body are not always necessary. Another thing is that different manufacturers offer their size range. This is understandable, and this must be remembered.

Children's clothing sizes by age in different countries

The size grid in different countries is not the same. Even if the criteria for their compilation are the age and weight of the child, a single table does not work. So, in Asian countries, some anthropometric values ​​are standard, while in European countries others are. Children's clothing is no exception: under the label "2 years" in China and England will be things of completely different sizes. So, lovers to update the wardrobe of a child on Asian sites, so popular now, you should take this into account.

The size (USA) of children's clothes is considered the mostwidespread. Usually, in addition to age, the marking indicates growth, and for babies also the weight of the child. This information, as a rule, is enough to not be mistaken. For example, a size of 6 months corresponds to an increase of up to 68 centimeters and a weight range of 5.5 to 7.7 kg.

US size children's clothing
English brands of children's clothing are also well known in Russia. Their dimensional grid coincides with the American one.

Russian sizes of children's clothes are presented intwo options. Manufacturers, keeping pace with the times, take an example from Western manufacturers. In this case, their dimensional grid coincides with those that are accepted in the USA, England and Italy.

The second option is enterprises that have been working sinceSoviet times. Basically, they produce clothes for babies: underwear, sliders, ryoshonki and the like. So, for children, whose age is in the range from zero to three months, the size of clothes will fit eighteen, from half a year - twenty, and so on. With what such gradation is connected, for many modern mothers remains a mystery. In this case it is necessary to consult the seller.

Russian sizes of children's clothes
Children's clothing sizes by age: what to consider

Many believe that children's things brought,for example, from France they do not measure, but from Germany, on the contrary, and so on. In fact, even within the same country, the actual sizes of the clothes of the two manufacturers may differ significantly.

Moreover, even things stitched in one factory,may not be the same in magnitude. So, many well-known manufacturers of outerwear make a stock on models for kids up to two years, and the size for growth of 92 in fact will suit the child higher by several centimeters.

A significant role is played by the child's constitution. Therefore, children, one of which is thin, and the other of medium weight, with the same growth can wear things of different sizes.

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