/ How to choose a brush for the eyebrows: photo, reviews. Beveled eyebrow brush

How to choose a brush for the eyebrows: photo, reviews. Beveled eyebrow brush

Every fashionista is a little artist. Every morning a new image of beauty and perfection. To ensure that it has always been irreproachable, one must have a full "arsenal" of make-up. And especially the brushes that paint, apply, shade, emphasize.


Perfect makeup requires for each action of your brush.

Cosmetic shops offer a great choicebrushes of different brands. How to understand this diversity? Large rounded and brush-panicles are designed for powder or mineral tonal basis. Tools with a long handle and bristles of different lengths will help to apply shadows. Brushes, on which the bristles are cut obliquely, will be applied perfectly blush. Arrows will draw a synthetic pointed with stiff bristles. For a lipstick, a brush in the form of a cat tongue was invented. For the make-up of the eyebrows, a brush with a rigid artificial or natural bristle was invented. With the help of such a tool, it is easy to apply a gel or a special dye on the eyebrows.

Which seta better put a straight line of eyebrows? What is better and more reliable: synthetic or natural nap? What size brush should I choose? Let's try to put everything in its place.

Pile: the pros and cons

When choosing a brush, it is worth paying attention to the composition of the used cosmetics.

eyebrow brushes

If preference is given to loose cosmetics, then the choice should be stopped on natural nap, and for liquid - the best will be artificial. Synthetic does not absorb liquid cosmetics.

With natural pile

Brushes for eyebrows, the photos of which are presented above, with natural nap can be the following:

  • Squirrel. This pile is very soft and smooth, created for an ideal distribution of the composition over the skin.
  • Sable. Pile is golden brown. Very elastic and at the same time soft and silky.
  • Goat. The texture is wavy, the hairs are harsh. Ideally evenly spreads loose compositions of cosmetics.
  • From a wool to a pony. Their pile is smooth and dense.

Size and stiffness: are they so important?

For a make-up of eyebrows the brush should be picked up onsize. The basic principle is that it lies comfortably and freely in the palm of your hand and does not damage the skin with bristles. Today, a special trend for a broad, even and thick eyebrows. Therefore, the brush for the eyebrows is an indispensable attribute of a fashionable cosmetic bag.

Eyebrow Brushes Photo
The right tool makes the work forone precise movement. Therefore it is important to approach the selection professionally. The chosen brush should easily and confidently apply special shadows or gels. In doing so, it simultaneously puts the hairs. Correctly selected bristles can facilitate the work with the eyebrows, give them the right shade and lay the hairs. Also adding to them the density and beautiful shine.

This brush will look after the eyebrows. She can glitter on them (colorless), and also fix the chosen form.

Which eyebrow brushes should I buy? What should I look for?

For a long service life and the absence of an allergic reaction, one must be able to choose the right brush. Let us disclose a few secrets.

  1. We spend with fingers on the ends of villi, sleigapulling out. If they remain in their hands, the brush is unsuitable for purchase. When used, such a tool will "throw out" loose villi. They will interfere with the beauty of makeup. To wash such brushes for brows it is absolutely impossible.
  2. It is necessary to check the quality of the gasket when buyingpile. There are unscrupulous producers who are trying to "save" on the bristles. You need to collect it with your fingers and check the place where the rim and pile are fixed. If there is even the slightest gap, you can not buy, because the rest of the hairs will fall very quickly.
  3. Now the pen. It must reliably connect to the pile ring. It must be tried to shake. A tightly seated ring on the handle is suitable for purchase.
  4. The cost. A professional good set of eyebrow brushes is not a very cheap treat. But we must remember that inexpensive is not always qualitative, and certainly - always short-lived.

Professional make-up at home

To apply makeup at home will need brushes,which will help create a unique image and at the same time will be convenient. For example, painting work requires a special kit, which will include a brush for coloring the eyebrows, ribbed or flat sticker, as well as other specialized tools.

beveled eyebrow brush
The sticker is designed to cover the eyebrows with a pigment, but most beauties do not like to use it. They, as a rule, use comfortable hard brushes.

Brush for coloring

Eyebrow coloring is a matter requiring special tools. That is, brushes. You can choose and buy them in specialized stores. And what should be the tool for coloring?

  • A beveled eyebrow brush will help accurately and quicklycover with a special pigment the necessary area. It should be with artificial and stiff bristles. This pile is almost eternal. Proper care for it guarantees a long service life. The brush is easily cleaned and even washed, and most importantly, it does not absorb the coloring composition. But she carefully paints every hair, which is a guarantee of attractiveness and beauty.
  • Thin eyebrows require special care and,consequently, special tools. In this case, the set for eyebrow care must be a flat brush with a soft pile and a rounded tip. In addition, these eyebrow brushes will suit girls with particularly sensitive skin. Since they practically do not touch the zone around the eyebrows. A flat brush easily copes with the application of clarifying coloring pigments. Remains of it can be washed off with liquid soap or hair shampoo.
  • A beveled eyebrow brush that has a shortsoft pile, will help in the initial stage girls who do not have much experience in applying make-up or paint. This tool does not smear the paint, but evenly and clearly distributes the pigment or shadows on the hairs. Such brushes can be chosen both with natural nap, and with artificial. But it is better to give preference to artificial bristles. It can easily cope with both liquid formulations and solid ones.

Specific subtleties of choice

The first step is to check the makeup brusheseyebrows for convenience in the hand. They should lie comfortably, without causing discomfort. It is desirable to pick up the handle plastic or wooden. They are well washed, leaving no traces of cosmetics. The wooden handle must be covered with a colorless varnish to increase the service life.

Eyebrow Brushes
If you have to select a brush to correct the lineeyebrows, we must give preference to synthetic bristles. It has a resistance to chemical constituents of paints, which means it will last a long time. Moreover, if the coloring composition is not natural, but is an aggressive synthetic mixture. It is possible to try for such manipulations to use brushes from a pile of a pony. It has resistance to external influences and is quite stiff.

Any brush should be practical

A beveled brush for dyeing eyebrows is the most suitable option. It will easily stress the line of growth and create an ideal shape. Even a beginning beauty can work with such a brush.

But we must not forget that ideal eyebrows are nothing if eyelashes are forgotten. Fused or unpainted cilia will nullify all the induced beauty.

what brushes for the eyebrows
Makeup is not only the quality of cosmeticmeans, but also their professional application, the ability to comb and completely color the hairs specially created for this brushes. Manufacturers offer the ideal "two in one" option. Combined brush for eyebrows and eyelashes. On the one hand, it looks like a comb to separate the cohesive hairs, and on the other - a flat brush. With a few well-adjusted movements, the brush for the eyebrows and eyelashes will make the look expressive and open.

Every beautiful woman should know

  • In the set for make-up, you must have at least one brush to correct the eyebrows.
  • Buying tools, it is necessary to take into account the composition of your favorite make-up remedies, the conditions in which it is applied and the ease of use.
  • A mandatory condition for a set of makeup brushes is a combined brush for eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • Gentle care and clean use will increase the period of use of tools.
  • Brush with natural pile is necessary for applying special shadows on the eyebrows. Synthetic must be purchased for liquid funds.

Using brushes will help create an irresistible image. With them, it will be easy to shade eyebrows, to combine the colors of shadows and eventually get modern fashionable tattoo.

Customer's opinion about the tools

There are several leaders in the production of eyebrow brushes. But are they all so good?

One of the popular brands is MAC, followed byhim - Sigma and Shu Uemura. They are famous for handmade brushes and high quality bristles. There are many other manufacturers. How are they monitoring the quality?

The girls write that they bought a thin Chinese brush for the eyebrows, the reviews were left only positive. It was quality and comfortable in the hand. Vorsinki of the necessary rigidity and do not climb.

brush for dyeing eyebrows
DE.CO accessories company produces double-sided brushes for eyebrows and eyelashes. They are very popular among girls. Brushes have proved to be excellent in work and easy to care for.

The famous website "AliExpress" surprises everyoneday. Recently there appeared a brush for eyebrows at a price of 10 rubles apiece! A beautiful beveled brush. The pile is dense, artificial, of good quality, evenly cut and does not crumble to the face. To the touch is very pleasant. Long just over ten centimeters, in the cosmetic bag lies perfectly, and in front of the mirror it is convenient (before that there was a long handle that kept in the way). All work performs perfectly well, especially eyebrow correction. Recommend users to everyone!

TF Triumf HOME Professional: description and reviews

What kind of eyebrow does TFTriumf HOME Professional? First, each in an individual package. And this speaks about the care and respect for the customers. It contains instructions for use and information on the composition of the product. From it you can learn that the brush is ideal for giving the eyebrows expressiveness, the beveled end of the pile perfectly applies a variety of compositions. The pile is of high quality, albeit synthetic. Brush size about 17 cm, one end beveled, the second for voluminous application of mascara. The quality is amazing. The pile does not get out, it does not stick, the washed brush dries quickly. The work is also good. Easily dials special eye shadow for eyebrows, gently shading.

Other Brushes and Their Opinion

Brush for eyebrow shadows Art Deco verypetite. The feedback is not very flattering. The pile is hard, uncomfortable in the hand. I do not want to recommend you to buy. Approximately so speak about the tool of the girl.

Brush for eyebrow shadows
Bobbi Brown Eye Brow produces shadows foreyebrows and brushes to them. How do girls respond, the brush looks no different from many others. The first thing that upsets is rigidity. Brush is very hard. It is difficult to apply shadows. And it's impossible to shade at all, because she is scratching the skin, showering the applied shadows (the consumption is almost doubled). Recommendations are negative.

Next on popularity of responses - firm E.L.F. Brow Comband Brush. Produces brushes in a case. The device itself with a wooden handle. Brush - combi: a brush plus a comb. In work is beautiful. Hairs separates perfectly. Easily shapes the eyebrows. Helps to correct eyebrows during haircut and shade pencil and shadows tremendously gently.

Limoni Professional

Recently there were eyebrow brushes on our marketcompany Limoni Professional. Quickly gained popularity flat brush with a cut off corner number 17. Handle comfortable wooden. Has a brand image and a number. Pile nylon, beveled, not very hard. Vorsinki tightly packed and elastic. It is able to apply clear lines. She beautifully draws a line of eyebrows, both thin (beveled corner), and wide (wide part). Perfectly shading the transition from color to color. In the process of long use (subject to careful care), it continues to look like a new one, and does not lose its original form. There were no minuses in use. The recommendations are only positive.

A small conclusion

Now you know what are the brushes for the eyebrows, how they should be properly chosen. We hope that our recommendations, as well as the opinions of the girls, will help you find the right tool for yourself.

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