/ / Face cleaning - freshness and youthfulness of the skin are provided

Face cleaning - freshness and youthfulness of the skin are provided

The main purpose of the facial cleansing is to get rid of any rashes on the skin, to remove dead cells, and ideally - the appearance of freshness and the rejuvenation effect of all appearance.

Necessity of cleaning

Basically cleansing the face becomes necessaryowners of oily skin. The process of activity of the sebaceous glands in them is so intense that no methods of purification are able to constantly ensure its purity. As a result, the pores become clogged, inflammation and acne occur, which the professional cosmetologist removes during the cleaning process.

Classification of types of face cleansing

Depending on the methods of exposure, several dominant cleaning types are distinguished.

1. Manual - is a traditional, approved cosmeticians of many generations and quite effective procedure. In her process, all unnecessary components are removed from the surface of the face manually from the expanded pores.

2. Mechanical work involves, along with hands, the use of special devices in the form of a spatula. Also use a strainer, Vidal's needle, a spoon for the nose. Tools are only sterile.

3. Ultrasound is a more modern kind of manipulation, based on a complex impact. Waves of ultrasound, deeply penetrating inside, produce an effective micromassage not only of the surface of the skin, but also of its internal tissues. On the surface, when exposed to an ultrasonic scrubber, the pores are cleared and all dead cells are removed. A person who has gone through the procedure looks healthier and fresher.

4. Vacuum involves the use of a special tube, with the help of which, under the influence of vacuum, all the fragments that pore the pores of the facial skin are pulled out. Preliminary, using warming creams, open the pores of the skin for more effective cleansing. The procedure is painless, after it the blood supply of the cells improves, which means that the general condition and appearance of the person improves.

5. Laser - a serious procedure, which has become widely in demand, as it allows you to get a really rejuvenating effect. Will help to get rid of the porosity of the skin, smooth uneven terrain, crow's feet and fine wrinkles, relieve of various defects and pigment spots. Under the influence of a beam of laser beams, the upper layer is destroyed. During the recovery process, cells are updated.

Any type of facial cleansing should be carried out inspecialized salons, since only a professional cosmetologist can guarantee the safe consequences of the procedure. Our salon offers to use the service of face cleaning, prices can be clarified by the following phones:

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