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Ultrasonic cleaning of the face - reviews speak about the effectiveness of the procedure

Ultrasonic face cleaning - effectivea modern cosmetic procedure that significantly improves the skin condition. It is a worthy alternative to traditional mechanical cleaning, traumatic and unsafe, the results of which are usually visible on the face for several days. Its use is especially indicated for those who have thin, sensitive skin: ultrasonic face cleansing (the reviews confirm this) are painless, gentle and effective. It does not provide a preliminary steam bath, therefore, is acceptable for those who have single extended vessels on their face.

Many are interested in what constitutesthis procedure, and what it gives results. Ultrasonic cleaning of the face, the reviews of which prove its effectiveness, includes several stages. After the traditional for all cosmetic procedures for make-up, gentle skin cleansing is carried out - sparing peeling or gommage is used. Then the skin is moistened, a gel is applied on it, which expands the pores. The next stage is the processing of its surface by ultrasound: for this purpose a special device is used, which cleans pores with the help of high-frequency sound oscillations. After its termination, a soothing mask with antibacterial effect is applied, narrowing the pores. Finally, the last stage - moisturizing the skin with the help of a cream.

The whole procedure takes about 45 minutes, of which15-20 direct exposure to ultrasound. Ultrasonic cleaning of the face (reviews confirm this fact) allows to achieve matte, fresh and smooth skin, remove dead cells, clean and narrow the expanded pores. This procedure is useful for withering face skin prone to swelling: when it is carried out a micro massage, which helps to remove puffiness. It tones up the skin, improves its structure and color, makes it more elastic, promotes regeneration. Ultrasonic cleaning of the facial skin removes its irritation and peeling. In addition, under the influence of ultrasound, caregivers penetrate deeper, which multiplies their effect many times. This procedure does not lead to damage to the skin and does not cause irritation, as it removes only dead cells. In difficult cases, it can be supplemented with manual or vacuum cleaning.

At the same time, even at such, enougheffective and harmless procedure, there are contraindications: first of all, any skin diseases, as well as abrasions, scratches or cuts on it. It is categorically contraindicated in neuralgia or paralysis of the facial nerve, tumoral processes, heart and vascular diseases and the use of an electrocardiostimulator.

Like all other cosmetic procedures,Cleaning of the face with the help of ultrasound is not carried out with acute infectious diseases. It is not recommended if there are multiple enlarged capillaries on the skin of a person - the situation after the procedure may worsen. It is not permissible to perform the procedure and shortly after the operations on the jaw (including the removal of the teeth) or its trauma, implantation of dental implants, carrying out a deep chemical peel. It also can not be done by those who underwent the procedure of reinforcing (lifting) the skin of the face with gold threads. Finally, ultrasonic face cleansing, expert reviews support this view, can not be recommended for use during pregnancy.

To keep your face in perfect condition,owners of dry skin is recommended to undergo this procedure four times a year, and a fat one - every two months. To answer the question about what ultrasonic cleaning of a face is, it is possible in the following way: it is an effective cosmetic procedure that provides for the stage-by-stage cleaning of the skin and the effect on it with the help of a special apparatus that generates ultrasound.

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