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In what fighting game on the PC is worth playing?

Genre fighting game - one of the few in which everythingreally solve the player's skills. MMOs playing RPGs will say that the level of play there is very important (as long as the opponent who invests more money into the game does not appear), and lovers of MOVA will say: "you are a cancer", but in such matches much depends on randomly selected teams . Today we will tell you about fighting games on PC that conquered the world.

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Honored first three places can be distinguishedthe next amazing games that have existed for several decades. The first fighting game on the PC is, of course, Mortal Combat. A thoughtful universe, the presence of a qualitative plot and colorful unique fighters made a hit. And amazing combinations, special attacks and, of course, bloody fatalities strike the imagination. Several feature films, shot on this game, only add interest to it.

Another fighting game on the PC, the coeval of Mortale isStreet Fighter. "Street fighter", which has a long history, has an indisputable advantage over other games of this genre - elaboration. For all of its existence, it has undergone many changes, ups and downs, which allowed this game to reach the world level.

The Japanese bestseller Tekken is the first game thatfully used 3D mechanics. If after long experiments Mortal Combat still refused innovations and returned to two-dimensional battles, then Tekken uses a three-dimensional engine for 100%. Add to this colorful and memorable characters and used real martial arts and get a hit.


Of course, many gamers appreciate the games in plausibility, but we can not ignore the typical cartoon Japanese fights. We'll start with the game easier.

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Naruto is a game dedicated to the notorious anime. I would like to say more about it, but it's very difficult to do this. A typical fighting game on a PC with your favorite many characters. However, due to the peculiarities of the anime special techniques in the game are not so many.

Bleach. It would seem, another topic for the arguments of fans, but this anime, like the game on it, deserves more attention than the previous one. Colorful and vivid effects, a variety of fighting styles, as well as destructive spells. The possibility of several transformations of heroes in battle - all this will make you spend more than one hour at the computer.

Next is a game that became famous for itssoundtrack. And many names and combat techniques (names) in it are associated with the world rock scene. We are talking, of course, about Guilty Gear. Surprisingly, this toy in a purely anime style could hit the hearts of even harsh haters of this genre.


In addition to fans of animated graphics, there are always people who prefer realism. In this case we have reserved the next three games.

EA Sports UFC. The developers tried to make this toy as realistic as possible. However, in the pursuit of graphics suffered something more important - the gameplay. He became uncomfortable and rather boring, however, lovers of realism should like it.

WWE "13 Roster. To all admirers of wrestling is dedicated. This is not a fighting game, but a real performance, which is played out for fighters in the arena. Throw your rivals on the ropes, break everything that surrounds you, and let the audience enjoy your victory.

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SoulCalibur. Another game that has gone a long way of transformations and modifications. Stunning and realistic graphics will allow you to enjoy colorful battles with all sorts of melee weapons.


All the fighting games on PC, the list of which you couldsee the article, certainly deserve your attention. Proven by time and players of different ages with different preferences, these games deserve their place in the top ten. It is worth noting that not all of them can be found on the computer. Some can be found exclusively on consoles, which will not prevent an experienced player from running a fighting game on a PC via an emulator.

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