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Why "Play Store" does not start on "Android"? Solution

When "Play Market" does not start (now it's alreadyis called "Google Play") - this is quite an unpleasant problem. With her every day, thousands of users of devices with the operating system "Android" deal. Why is not Play Store launched? All kinds of malfunctions and errors, which cause the store to stop working, can be caused by several reasons. If you carefully study them, you can very quickly cope with the problem and do so that it will not bother anymore.

Main reasons

play market does not start

Firstly, the "Play Store" does not start because ofThe fact that at some point in time the service does not really work. This happens very rarely. But if such a situation does arise, then it is necessary to wait until the developers solve the problem and restart the store.

Do not run the "Playmarket" on Android and because ofThe fact that the date and time settings could be lost on a smartphone or tablet. Typically, this causes an error that indicates that the connection was not present.

"Play Store" does not start and because of possibleproblems with the network. You need to make sure that the connection is established without errors and the Internet is working fine. In case of using the mobile Internet, you need to know the correct settings from the operator.

Errors due to interventions in the system

Do not start the market play on android

People who want to fool the system and getpaid functions in games and applications are completely free, they often install the Freedom program on their device, which is used for hacking. Because of this program they often have the question "Why does not the Play Market launch on Android?". The answer is simple: Freedom blocks access to all services from Google.

Changes can occur in the hosts file. This can happen because of the installation and use of some applications that cause changes to system files. If this happens, the user must edit the file a little to return it to the original view.

How to restart the service

does not start play market

Methods for solving the problem related to the fact,that does not run "Playmarket", depend on the reasons. If the cause is known, then it is not difficult to decide with the necessary method. If not, you will need to try every method.

  1. The device must be rebooted. In half the cases this simple step helps. Moreover, it helps if there are other problems with the operating system or applications.
  2. You need to make sure that accounts are enabled"Google". In the settings there is a section "Applications", in which there is a tab with all the programs. At the very bottom should be disabled. If among them the application "Accounts Google" is found, then it must be enabled - and the service must earn.
  3. When the Play Store does not launch on Android,you need to reset its settings and settings for "Google Play" services. In order to do this, you need to go to the settings and find the section with the applications. In the list it is necessary to find necessary ones and each of them to clear the cache and erase the data. Still need to remove updates from the "Play Store" itself.
  4. If the Play Store does not start, then it needsreinstall. To do this, first the current installed version of the store is deleted, and then the most current one is downloaded. After installation, the device must be rebooted.
  5. The system must be set to the correct time. In some cases, it happens that time and date are knocked down. And if this happens, then when you try to open the service, users are given a message that there is no connection. To solve this problem, you need to set the correct time zone and the current date and time in the settings.
  6. The Play Store does not start and because ofunavailability of the Internet connection. You need to make sure that the Internet is turned on and functioning on the device. To do this, just open the browser and try to go to any site.

Configuring the modified system file

why the play market on android does not start

You must correctly configure the hosts file. Many users download programs that change this file completely unnoticed. As already mentioned above, such programs include Freedom, which makes it possible to make purchases in games without spending a penny. If such an application is used, it must be stopped first. This is done in the settings. After stopping, it is completely removed. In order to make changes to system files, you must have superuser rights. Correctly edited hosts file should not contain unnecessary lines. All the garbage that is in the file must be deleted. To do this, you need to install the "ES Explorer" application, which is the file manager. With it, you need to go to the root directory of the system and find the folder etc. Here it is the file you need. You can open it as text, and then delete everything that is not needed in it. After saving, it's better to make sure that there is only one line left that says " localhost". When everything is done according to the instructions, you can try to run the "Play Market".


does not start the play market what to do

Still does not run the "Play Market"? What to do now? There is a method that is recommended to be used only as a last resort, when the others could not help solve the problem. This reset the device to factory settings. If you perform this procedure, all information on the internal drive will be completely deleted. It is better to make a backup beforehand so that after the reset it is possible to restore all the data. In order to reset the settings, you need to find the corresponding item in the device parameters. After the operation, everything should work.

The result

The "Play Store" application store is verya powerful service containing content for the mobile operating system "Android", served by the company "Google". If he stopped working on the user's device, then probably there was one of the problems described above. After all, the serviceability of the service itself is constantly monitored by hundreds of experienced programmers who, with the slightest problem, will throw all their forces to its solution.

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