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Where thermal transfer paper is used, its types

In modern life one often has to facewith a situation where it is necessary to apply a certain image to the surface. Usually such actions are connected with the advertising business, when the slogan or company logo must be placed on a certain product. Quite often many people want to buy a mug or a T-shirt with their photo or inscription of a certain type for a gift. In most such cases, thermal transfer paper is used.

Thermal transfer paper

At its core, it resembles an ordinary sheet of paper,It has a special layer capable of being glued to another surface when heated. In this case, if a certain pattern is applied to it, it will also be transferred to the selected surface. Therefore, thermal transfer paper in its properties resembles the usual "resampling".

For drawing an image on a sheet of such paperusually use a standard printer. In this case, it can be both laser and inkjet. However, it should be borne in mind that each specific type of device requires a certain paper.

Thermotransfer paper for laser printing

A laser printer requires a specialThermal transfer paper for laser printing, which is more adapted to powder paint and can withstand the heating of the stove of the device. If you use conventional thermal transfer paper on a laser printer, you can not only ruin the paper and drawing, but even disable the device. It should be noted that the print quality of the laser printer is much lower than that of the inkjet printer with the ability to print, and if it is necessary to print images with great detail, then it is better to use a conventional inkjet printer that uses thermal transfer paper for inkjet printing.

When drawing a picture on a piece of paper,take into account that the image will then be transferred to the surface, which means that it needs to be applied to the paper in a mirror image. It is also necessary to take into account the color of the surface where the future drawing will be, and to choose a special paper for this, since the shell itself also has its own color. There is a thermal transfer paper of black, white and even a transparent type of shell, which must be taken into account before use.

Thermotransfer paper for inkjet printing

After the image was applied to thepaper, it can be transferred to the surface using press and temperature. For example, to place a picture on a T-shirt, a thermotransfer paper is placed on it with an image of the fabric, and then the iron is heated and pressure is applied to it. In doing so, it is necessary to take into account the temperature range, which is usually indicated on the package with paper. Also there is information about the time of exposure to temperature and some other useful parameters.

It is worth noting that the price of thermal transferpaper is not very high, which means that you can make a T-shirt with a logo of your favorite team or a photo. In this case, such a process will take no more than half an hour, and the image quality will be quite high.

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