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Thermotransfer paper by hand for inkjet printers

They saw a T-shirt with an exclusivedesign or with their own photo, printed directly on the fabric? Do you want to do something unusual for yourself, but do not know how to make such a sticker? For this, special thermal transfer paper is used. With your hands at home, you can easily make an exclusive unique T-shirt, T-shirt, bag and another thing.

thermotransfer paper

Materials and technology

If you have never worked in the field of design orbut only seen in the shop windows of T-shirts, T-shirts, pillows, mugs, plates and other products that are offered to be executed in an exclusive design, for example, with a photograph of the future owner, read the brief description of the essence of the technology of making such things.

For any transfer of an image to an objectIntermediate material is used. In this case, thermal transfer paper. With your hands at home, you can easily apply any image to the fabric (white, dark, colored, natural or synthetic).

thermal transfer paper for inkjet printers

For the desired image to be on thisintermediate material, it, of course, you must first create or find it ready, and then print it out. To execute the layout, the template (the image itself) uses a variety of graphic editors - computer programs designed to create and edit images. If you already know how to use Adobe Photoshop or a similar graphics package, you can assume that the image you created.

The next stage is printing. It is performed on a conventional inkjet or laser printer just on special sheets. Then, using an iron, the image is transferred to the prepared fabric. At home, you can only apply an image to flat objects lying on a flat surface. Of course, it will not work. For them special thermo-presses with a cylindrical surface are used. In fact, the work is not complicated.

With your own hands

Thermotransfer paper by one's own hands is notthe production of the sheets themselves, namely the implementation of the sticker, the decoration of the product at home. The assortment of paper is very large. It differs both in the types of fabric for which it is intended, and at the manufacturer. There are even such options that allow you to create glowing images in the dark. So it's no use thinking about how to get this paper yourself. Technologies have long been developed and successfully introduced into production.

Thermal transfer at home

So, in order to decorate a T-shirt, T-shirt or other object yourself, you need to work in such a sequence:

  1. Buy the appropriate object for decoration (T-shirt).
  2. Get the right paper (for dark, light fabric and the type of printer available, etc.).
  3. Read the instructions on the packaging, what should be the image: straight or mirror.
  4. Create a layout in a familiar graphics editor (for simple layouts, even standard Paint). Given the previous paragraph, prepare the picture for printing (mirror if necessary).
  5. Load paper in the printer according to the instruction (the right side).
  6. Print the image. Let a little lie down if you worked on an inkjet printer. Cut out the contour, retreating about 5 mm from the edge of the picture.
  7. Turn the iron on the non-steaming mode and place the decoration product (T-shirt) on a flat surface. The thing, of course, should be clean and ironed.
  8. Transfer the image by ironing the paper on the cloth with a printout in accordance with the instructions. There are certain features for different types of paper.
  9. Smoothing in any case occurs through an additional sheet, so after the previous step, it is worthwhile to wait a bit, and not to separate immediately this layer.

As you can see, the technology is quite simple and understandable. To master it at home can even beginner.

Types of paper

As already mentioned, to obtain an imageThermotransfer paper is used on the surface of the tissue. With your hands at home, you can create a collage of photos and text, for example, and print to an existing printer. It is better to use laser, as the picture is obtained in a stable and withstands more washings.

thermal transfer paper for dark fabrics a4 sublimation

Inkjet version is also suitable. If the image is photorealistic with small details, use a photo printer. It gives good quality and higher color rendition.

Thermotransfer paper for inkjet printers

If you decide to make souvenirswith exclusive images at home, it is necessary to understand the types of paper. Most people already have a printer. Most often for personal use, color inkjet printers or photoprinters for printing photos are purchased. If you already have this equipment at home, then for the production of T-shirts and other things you will need thermal transfer paper for inkjet printers.

If you are going to perform many products,purchase packages with the appropriate number of sheets. In this case, usually the unit price will cost you less. If you just decided to try yourself in the role of designer and make original gifts for yourself or friends for a holiday, buy a pack with a maximum of 10 sheets. If you find a company that offers a sale on the sheet, take the right amount, for example, a pair, by the way, is better with a margin (suddenly the first time you print it incorrectly). Be sure to ask for instructions to the paper and pre-specify for what fabric, light, dark, natural or synthetic, it is intended.

Thermotransfer paper for inkjet printers with own hands

Working with light fabrics

If the thing you are going to decorate,white, any thermal transfer paper for inkjet printers. With your hands on this kind of fabric, you can easily make any image. That kind of sheets, which is intended directly for light fabrics, is cheaper, but the image in this case will have to be printed in a mirror.

Thermotransfer paper for dark fabrics

If you have a T-shirt dark (blue, green) or,in general, black, then the sheets need to buy the appropriate kind. You need this for the best possible and good results. If you print an image on a sheet for white fabric, then after the transfer it will acquire a shade of your T-shirt and the photo will not look natural.

Thermotransfer paper for dark fabrics

Suitable, for example, thermal transfer paper fordark fabrics a4 sublimation, however, it requires special sublimation ink, which only adhere to synthetic tissue, and for natural, a special substrate will also be required.

Cheaper to manage a more budget option -sheets for inkjet printers for dark fabrics. In this case, the image will have a kind of white substrate, the color will not change and additional costs will not be required. Around the picture it is desirable to leave a white edging. This will give things a complete and beautiful look.

Now you know what a thermal transferpaper. With your hands, you easily make any image for a T-shirt or other object from the fabric right at home. Create exclusive things for yourself, friends and relatives.

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