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"Teletrade": reviews. "Teletrade": feedback from employees about work in the company

Today, in the context of the mass crisis, youngspecialists simply do not know where to apply the knowledge obtained in universities. Huge popularity gained freelance - remote work on the Internet, and trading on Forex has become a rather tempting alternative to a traditional career.

What is Forex?

Surely every modern person everwent abroad. The first thing to do when you arrive in another country is to flee to the bank and change the currency. However, did you ever think that with this simple procedure you are influencing the world market and, without knowing it, you are participating in forex trading, which receives mostly positive reviews? "Teletrade" is just one of hundreds of brokers promoting new investors to the currency exchange.

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The very word "forex" came into our language fromEnglish and came from the merger of foreign (foreign) and exchange (exchange). As the name implies, the exchange process is the process of buying and selling currency, but everything is not as simple as it seems. Reviews of "Teletrade" and other stock brokers do not reflect the tenth part of the truth that it is extremely difficult and risky to trade Forex. Every day your deposit is in danger, and you need to have iron nerves and an analytical mindset to multiply the money that you have contributed to your account.

Trading on the exchange

You already understood that Forex is not onlya banal exchange of currencies in the electronic version, however, this process is quite important and has simply huge proportions. Imagine that a large company needs to purchase goods abroad. To do this, first she needs to buy a local currency, and it's about tens of thousands and even millions of dollars! Imagine what a large-scale trade is going on through Teletrade! Reviews of employees about work in the company are mostly positive, but there are cases of loss of huge money, so work should be extremely careful.

So, every currency has a certain course,which depends on the ratio of supply and demand. If a large number of people exchange their currency for the euro, then the euro will soar, and the trader's task is to earn on these fluctuations. Particular attention should be paid to the news of the economy, which can help to anticipate the further development of events on the market. However, it is not always necessary to believe the news, especially when the economic situation in the world is unstable and there is a change in trends. If we talk about the broker Teletrade, the feedback on the work in the company is extremely controversial, since novice traders sometimes do not take into account important market trends, as a result of which they lose money and blame the whole of their broker.

Advantages of trading on Forex

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In the preceding paragraphs, the term"broker", we give a definition for those who are not familiar with this concept. The broker is an online exchange facility. Thus, you can earn money without leaving home, using for your own benefit the changing exchange rates.

  • Forex trading does not know the geographical limitations. You are not attached to a particular office or workplace. You can work anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  • Forex almost always works, except for holidays and weekends. You can easily build a working schedule in accordance with their own desires and preferences.
  • You do not need a huge initial capital. You can open an account with only $ 1, such conditions are provided by the company "Teletrade", reviews of which, however, are quite contradictory.

Of course, getting rich for 1 night on Forex is notIt will be, if, of course, you are going to conduct safe trade. However, with the right approach and sufficient knowledge base, you will be provided with a stable additional income.

History of the company "Teletrade"

The company originated more than 19 years ago and stillis actively cooperating with traders and companies around the world, providing only the best service. The first achievement of the broker was the opening of a representative office in Moscow, after which Teletrade began actively recruiting personnel and training its first employees and partners. Soon the company opened branches in Kazakhstan and Ukraine, after which it began to gain popularity in all CIS countries.

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By 2000, the company had developed its ownthe program for working with the Forex market - MetaTrader, which allowed you to make several transactions in the foreign exchange market at the same time, monitor all changes in the exchange rate, and analyze the situation on the market. Thus, even more people saw how profitable work in "Teletrade". Comments on successful trade began to come from new corners of the world, and soon the company opened representative offices in the Czech Republic and Turkey.

Until 2009 the company continues to expand andopens branches in almost all countries of Europe, after which it is awarded as the best forex broker. Then the company again begins to conquer new horizons and receive new awards, and over time Teletrade opens its own TV channel.

Today, Teletrade is one of the most popular brokers and an actively developing company that tries to make the work of its traders the safest and most comfortable.

Reviews about "Teletrade"

Since there are a lot of brokers on the market,beginners are sometimes lost and can not choose the most honest and decent company. Of course, each company makes itself the most profitable advertising, so it is not worthwhile to base a choice on information from an official website or a representative office.

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The most truthful opinion about the work of a broker canprovide only the simple traders who work there. Consider several different opinions, as well as the most common reviews about the company Teletrade.

Positive reviews

A lot of positive feedback contributes tostrengthening the position of "Teletrade" as the best forex broker, but in TOP brokers will have to dig a lot before finding "Teletrade" (LLC), reviews about which there are very different.

Some workers argue that this,undoubtedly, the best broker operating in the territory of the CIS. Users are pleased with the many options for replenishing the account and withdrawing earnings. According to them, the analyst is also at the highest level, you can fully rely on it in case of difficulties, moreover, only on TT analytics you can successfully trade.

Many traders face enougha serious problem, especially when Forex is an additional earnings - is the inability to combine trade, the main job, and even find time for a family. However, the employees claim that Teletrade solved all their problems, giving out excellent analytics. Every day on the site there are announcements that can be safely used as a guide to action. Of course, it is necessary to act with caution, and use any information carefully, but for family people with basic work TT has become a real panacea.

One of the small towns where there isrepresentation "Teletrade", - Ivanovo. Feedback from the employees of the office is also mostly positive. After completing the training, the students open a real account. According to reviews, many Forex trading brings more money than the main job! Employees note an easy atmosphere in the team, where everyone is ready to help the newcomer and share their experience, this is what Teletrade is famous for. The reviews also say that the firm does not indulge in "left" candles on the charts, establishes a normal spread and provides a bunch of tools for working in the terminal. Money arrives on time, without delay.

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As many positive reviews say,"Teletrade" is a reliable and convenient partner, which provides maximum comfort to its employees. It will be useful for beginners to read analytical articles and follow the advice that they contain. However, there is another side to the coin ...

Negative feedback

There are many rumors that in the lasttime "Teletrade" surrenders its positions to a decent broker and resorts to all new tricks in order to recruit a group for training and attract more people to work forex.

Former employees leave negative reviews aboutwork in "Teletrade," accusing the company of involving employees in fraudulent ways and violating several laws of the Russian Federation, including "On Protection of Personal Data." According to one of the reviews, "Teletrade", without the written consent of the employee, adds personal data to its database that any high-ranking company employee can view, regardless of geographic location.

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Moreover, the company publishes announcements abouta set of secretaries, managers and other posts that do not require special knowledge, and then inclines applicants to undergo free training and to trade in Forex as part of Teletrade, thereby provoking even greater resonance among potential and former employees.

Contradictory feedback

There are hundreds of true customer testimonials about working with different companies. A lot of interesting things are said about Teletrade, the responses are of completely different nature.

Many novice traders had a sad experiencework in the Kiev office of Teletrade. Seeing the whole "kitchen" of the broker from the inside. According to the reports, each manager must fulfill the monthly plan for replenishment of accounts, if this plan is not implemented, the person is either dismissed or reprimanded. Psevdobesplotnoe training leads most students to the merger of the deposit, and treats the customers courteously managers of the company only until the first replenishment of the account ... Many reviews argue that there are no intelligent people in Teletrade, and those who can really teach trade, all this crookedness for what.

The main city for Russian representationTeletrade is Moscow. The responses that were found by the applicants applying for the recruitment announcement were only positive, so they decided to try for the position of an office worker. However, in the process of training it became clear that the company is simply attracting people to trading in order to throw them for money. This category of people does not advise to contact Teletrade.

There is also an opinion that in the company of beginnersindeed, there are literate analysts, but many newcomers believe that successful traders would hardly be able to train someone and give valuable information, even for free. Training is done by people who have already burned through the exchange and can not teach anything useful. There is an opinion that almost all who have studied at Teletrade have been steadily pouring the deposit out for 2 months. According to this category of feedback, the real trader does not need competition, he will quietly use his knowledge.

reviews about the company teletrade

If these reviews about the company "Teletrade"really truthful, it is better to bypass this organization by the side, however there is a possibility that all these are the intrigues of competitors, which are many in the stock market. It is worth to believe negative feedback, it's up to you.

Rumors about "Teletrade"

The main negative feedback and claims to the companyhave already been voiced, however, among other things, there are rumors about the unprecedented obsession of the company's managers. After registering for several hours with you on the phone, the manager of the firm is contacted and offers various services: a profitable business, additional earnings, free training and eventually gold mountains to your feet.

If you have opened a demo account and left work withhim, you are also contacted by the manager and begins to conduct agitation work in order to draw you back into the business and persuade to open a real account in the company "Teletrade." Feedback on the work in the company says that sometimes managers call from different numbers, if the newbie does not answer calls.

If you suddenly disappear from training, you againthe manager will call to bring you back to the team, and it will be rather obtrusive to incline you to do what you, in fact, do not need, since you left the training. Basically from here and negative feedback. "Teletrade" brings to the database all your data, as soon as you come to the office or register on the site. Then the employees begin active work and promotion of the client for money, after which they just do not care about you.

Is it worth it to believe the rumors

So, registration on the site of "Teletrade" is extremelyis simple. As in any other questionnaire, you need to provide a real first and last name, country of residence, age, and mobile phone number. However, no SMS with the confirmation code will not come to you, the phone is needed then to keep you in the field of view in case you change your mind about trading or just doubt whether it is worth starting at all. As many negative reviews about Teletrade say, the next day you will receive a call from the manager. And they will call regularly for 1-2 weeks.

Moreover, having a representation of Teletrade inyour city, check for yourself, whether the other negative reviews are true. Teletrade conducts free seminars and training sessions, attracting young and ambitious young people to trade on the currency exchange. But how much are they free and useful? Communicate with the "graduates" of the training course and you will become clear how useful training is in Teletrade. The feedback of employees praising the broker's trainers is not entirely true. In practice, more than half of the "students" open a real account and safely drain the deposit. Someone does this before, someone later, and this is a huge minus of "Teletrade." Reviews about the employer make it clear that they need their own knowledge of the laws of the exchange.

How to choose a broker

Among the hundreds of brokers, decent and not very,it is extremely difficult for a newcomer to orient, especially if it concerns such untwisted brokers as Teletrade. The following are the main criteria that should be considered when choosing a broker.

  • Minimum deposit (you should objectively calculate your opportunities).
  • Remuneration from the broker (spread or commission).
  • Available asset classes (currencies, commodities, stocks and indexes).
  • Trading platform (the trading program should be convenient and functional).
  • Margin or leverage (allows you to trade positions significantly higher than your trading capital).
  • The legal aspect (the broker should be subordinated to a regulatory body, for example, in the EU it is the Financial Behavior Authority.

So, now you know the main aspects of tradeon Forex and the problems that can bring you a job in Teletrade. Reviews about the broker come both negative and positive, and it's up to you to decide which of them to believe. Successful trading!

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