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Moko recruiting: employee feedback, quality of work

Modern working conditions require specialistscompletely different kind. These are not always graduated professionals. Often creative individuals are more suited to a certain position, with a certain life experience, views on the world, ideas and the like. Therefore, now the agencies that help to find a suitable job for a specialist have been expanded, and the owner of the company is to select the personnel that will most effectively show itself in the future.

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Recruitment agency Moko recruiting

Consider the specifics of cooperation with the companyMoko recruiting. Feedback from employees (in the overwhelming majority) is positive. Of course, there are also negative ones, as well as about any other organization (the causes of discontent will be discussed below). The basic postulates that such agencies should follow:

  • Speed.
  • Objectivity.
  • Rapid understanding.

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The first point provides a quick searchclients, employers and mediation between them. The second criterion indicates how correctly and rationally the agency selects employees for a particular vacancy. The attitude towards clients should be impartial. The third point indicates the opportunity to assess the qualities of an unusual, extraordinary person who is looking for work. Recruiting company should keep up to date and be able to see the big picture.

Does this help Moko recruiting? Reviews of employees who found their employer with the help of the agency, they say that quite. Of course, there were some disadvantages. The company is not very publicized, which adversely affects the total number of customer requests. Still, the feedback of employees about the company Moko recruiting sounds very positive.

Reliability of Moko recruiting work

One of the important indicators of the good work of MokoRecruiting - employee feedback. Moscow is a city in which there are many specialists who have found work thanks to this firm. This is an important indicator of success for the agency. Of course, there are people who did not like the work (or they did not cope with it, which is not uncommon), and they blame the recruiting organization for this. Undoubtedly, Moko recruiting takes responsibility for both job search and recruitment. Only the specialist, that is, the former client of the agency, should cope with the tasks set for the new position.

Disadvantages of recruiting agencies

staff reviews about moko recruiting

But there are still blunders on the part of thiscompany. Sometimes applicants fall for an interview that is unlikely to be successful. This refers to the relatively new format of the employer's communication with the potential employee. For example, a business-type interview. The applicant passes a "competition", proving that he is better than other applicants. Such a pitch is often found at interviews in call centers, offices of medium and low importance, one-day firms.

A similar procedure for hiring hasplace to be, but professionals with a high level of skill, often consider it somewhat humiliating. Recruiting agency should take into account this, sending the applicant to one or another organization.

Brief conclusions

The list of reliable recruiting agencies is quitecan replenish Moko recruiting. Reviews of employees, although not always unambiguous, but still positive is much more. And this is very important. After all, recruiting organizations are often just fakes, that is, they take interest payments, offering employers employers in an almost random order. Here it is necessary to pay tribute to Moko recruiting. Employee feedback is, perhaps, the only indicator that should be listened to. Whether to find work with the help of an agency or do it in the old-fashioned way, it's hard to answer. Nobody forbids to consider all options.

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