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The film "Sibiryada": actors, plot

One of the best multiseries pictures of the Sovietperiod - "Sibiriada". The actors who played in the film are the stars of the national cinema. The plot covers a time span of several decades. The film "Siberiade", the actors and roles of which are presented in the article, tells about the life of ordinary people and important historical events of the last century.

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History of creation

The director of the picture is Andrei Konchalovsky. Initially, the work should have been devoted to the life of oil workers. It was a state order. However, as the plot was created, the fates of ordinary people, the inhabitants of Siberia, were put on the first place. Filming was conducted in the Tver region, near the city of Torzhok. The film received many awards. Including - Grand Prix of the Cannes Festival.


This is the name of one of the parts that make up the picture of "Sibiriada". Actors and the role of the film "Athanasius":

  1. Vladimir Samoylov (senior Ustyuzhanov).
  2. Sergei Shakurov (Spiridon Solomin).
  3. Igor Ohlupin (Philip Solomin).
  4. Mikhail Kononov (terrorist Rodion).

The picture is devoted to the life of representatives of two families: Solomins and Ustyuzhanins. The action of the first part occurs in the pre-revolutionary period. The main characters are Kolya and Nastya. The girl belongs to the wealthy family of the Solomins. The boy is the son of Athanasius, a man who, for many years, alone cuts through a forest a road that nobody needs. Kolya often climbs into the store to Solomin, in order to get there provisions that are needed not only for him, but for the terrorist Rodion, who is hiding in their house. This hero, played by Mikhail Kononov, influences the formation of the worldview of a young Ustyuzhanin.

sibiroid actors and roles


1917 year. From the city the men of the family of the Solomins return. They bring news: a revolution has taken place. Anastasia goes to Nicholas and informs by chance this news. The son of Athanasius and a girl from the family of Solomin dream of getting married. Relatives, however, are against this marriage. The love line is one of the main lines in the second part of the film "Sibiriada". The actors who played in the film "Anastasia":

  1. Vitaly Solomin.
  2. Natalia Andreichenko.

Philip and Spiridon The straws are the characters that are present in all parts of the "Syriiad" painting. Actors who performed these roles:

  1. Igor Ohlupin.
  2. Sergey Shakurov.

Between Anastasia and Nicholas there is a quarrel. The girl threatens to marry Philip - a distant relative. Athanasius' son tries to return her, but all his attempts are futile. Members of the big family of the Solomins beat Nikolai and expelled from the village. Anastasia goes after her beloved.

the actors of the film of the sibiroid


About the son of Nicholas and Anastasia is referred to in the following parts of the film "Sibiriada." The actors who played this character in different periods - Evgeny Leonov-Gladyshev and Nikita Mikhalkov.

Nikolay returns to his native village witha young son. Anastasia is no longer alive. She died in the years of the revolution. Spiridon - the girl's brother - will not be able to forgive Nicholas the death of her sister for the rest of her life. Therefore, all Ustyuzhanins will be hated.

Nikolai became a respected representative of the party. It is known that oil deposits are located in its native regions. However, these places are wild. The road that his father, Athanasius once began to build, is proving to be very useful. After all, it will be possible to carry drill rigs, which are necessary in the search for oil. But there is still a lot of work to be done on the construction of the road. Nikolai collects his fellow villagers and proposes to continue the work begun by his father. Refuses from this is only one person - Spiridon. He later also kills Nicholas.

Alexey and Taya

These heroes are the main ones in the final part of the film "Sibiriada". Actors who performed these roles:

  1. Nikita Mikhalkov.
  2. Lyudmila Gurchenko.

Other actors of the film "Sibiriada":

  1. Alexandra Potapov.
  2. Leonid Pleshakov.
  3. Elena Koreneva.
  4. Konstantin Grigoriev.
  5. Vsevolod Larionov.

The action of the last part occurs insixties. Hero Mikhalkov - master driller - meets with Philip Solomin. This man is now the first secretary of the regional committee. However, meeting them in their native village is not the first. Alexey saved Philip from death during the war. But the obkomovets does not remember him. Philip recognized his savior too late. Then, when I was in Moscow, I received a telegram telling of the discovery of huge oil deposits and the death of one of the drillers, Alexei Nikolayevich Ustyuzhanin.

film of the sibiroid actors and roles

In one of the last episodes, Spiridon approachesTae and happily says that the last person from the hated genus is no more. The woman on the phrase of her relative: "Ustyuzhinins were transferred" answers: "They did not. I'm expecting a child from him. "

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