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"Double trabbl": actors and roles

Today we will talk about the movie Double Trabbl. Actors and roles are presented below. It's about the comedy of 2015. Eduard Oganesyan was the director of the picture. The script was written by him. Operator's work of Yuri Nikogosov.


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Consider the plot, then the actors are presented. "Double trabbl" is a film, the main character of which is Roman. He's a bachelor. The hero has his own show on the radio. He distributes various advice to listeners, as a real psychologist, moreover, spices them with jokes. One of them at some point turns against the author himself. On the question of Alena, whether to go to her father, he responds positively. The hero does not know what he says with his own illegitimate daughter. Thus, at once, he became Alena's father.

Key players

Next are the actors who starred. "Double trabbl" is a film in which the actor is Roman. Daniel White embodies this image. The actor was born in 1979, on December 4, in Irkutsk. Was educated on the course of VV Ivanov. He took up stage activities. He played in the theater of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. He is the son of actress Natalia Kolyakanova. Participated in the production of "Inspector".
Valeria Kulikova and D. Kuznets - also starred actors. "Double trabbl" is a film in the plot of which they appeared as Alena Frolova and her son Dimka. Let's talk more about the first.

Valery Kulikova was born in 1994, on March 18, in the city of Kovrov. She became a student of the directing faculty of GITIS. She studied at the workshop of Olga Kudryashova.

Ekaterina Barnava played Sasha Ilyasova - the girl of Roman and the hostess of the radio station.

Other heroes

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The actors who acted as supporting actors are listed below. "Double trabbl" is a film in which veterinarian Lev, a friend of Roman, appears. Sergei Mezentsev played this role.

Margarita Shubina embodied the image of the kindergarten manager. Elena Serdyukova appeared in the story as a doctor named Alla.

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