/ How to choose a picture for the text?

How to choose a picture for the text?

Probably most people prefer to readtext, where the image is located, which intelligently help to convey the idea, contribute to the impression of the material read, and to the maximum benefit. And such a direction as an advertising message without the presence of an image in general is unlikely to cause interest, and have a 100% effect.

In other words, the text should be alive andfilled. A vivid example is magazines where it's hard to imagine the absence of images. And you will agree that it is pleasant to turn pages where there are no monolithic printed articles. Pictures make ease and unobtrusiveness. Online http://hostingkartinok.com/. there is a huge number of options for any occasion, and convenient navigation can help anyone who wants to refresh their site, blog, or just needs a high-quality image.

In order to visitors of the site with pleasurespent time on your pages you need to fill it with relevant pictures on the topic. The pictures should be colorful, and different in originality. First of all, it is necessary to select scenes so that they are combined with the text, harmoniously fit and continue the thought, and also summed up what was written.

A little bit about the rules of composition. Try to make a selection of images of the same color, especially if it will be placed in one text. The search of colors will alienate readers, and a page that looked like a traffic light, especially if a serious topic is touched upon, will cause only irony. The size of the picture also plays an important role. If you follow the proportions, the printed material looks confident and is not overloaded with images. As a rule, only in children's books is allowed an abundance of pictures. Rarely, one of the young children will be delighted to listen to the tale without a visual drawing.

In short, a well-chosen illustrationaffects the formation of design. And design, in turn, is a primary role in the promotion of the site. Improperly selected images, substandard, which do not fit into the concept of the site, and can cause irritation in the readers, only worsen the appearance of the page.

In advertising to the image severalother requirements. As the world practice shows, that men and women identify themselves with the same sex. Therefore, choosing the characters that will be on the picture, you should designate the audience for which this advertisement applies most, and follow according to this template. Emphasis should be made on simple images, and get away from mass screenings, enough 3-4 people looking at the viewer, without tight smiles, etc. Naturalness is here, first of all. After all, the picture is not only an ornament, but also a kind of tool in achieving its goals.

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