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How to recover a password in ICQ

It is not uncommon for such situations, whenor other reasons, the password from ICQ is lost. Often it is necessary to restore it - after all, we often have important contacts there, it will not be easy to restore it. The only way out is to try to recover the password. This happens for various reasons - due to your forgetfulness or because your life is "hijacked". But, anyway, trying to restore ICQ password makes sense - sometimes it turns out. In any case, questions such as "Forgot password ICQ, how to restore?" Is not uncommon in computer forums, and on this score there are a number of recommendations, more or less effective, depending on the situation in which you are.

How to recover a password in ICQ? You can try to restore the ICQ password for the wit - this is possible in cases when you know the email address to which the ICQ is attached, its password and the answer to the security question provided for password recovery. All these data must be stored in a written form and, most importantly, remember where they are recorded, since no one is insured against theft. If you do not remember this address, you need to change the registration e-mail on your website at icq.com as soon as possible, for which there is a link at the bottom of the page in the right corner "change registration e-mail". On the page that opens, you will need to enter the desired mailing address and your password from the account in icq, after which an email with a link will be sent to this post, on which you will need to go to complete the operation. It's very simple, and you should not neglect such an opportunity - the answer to the question of how to restore the password in ICQ can be needed at any time, and in this case it will be as simple as possible. If necessary, a letter with a link for resetting the password will be sent to this address - you just need to go through it and enter a new password.

And how to recover the password in ICQ, if you do notremember the email address that was attached to your Hive? You can proceed as follows: today there are quite a few programs for recovering forgotten passwords, many of them even run from a USB flash drive. True, the overwhelming number of them are paid, but sometimes the demo version, which shows the first two or three letters of the forgotten password, is enough to remember it. The only problem is that they are effective only if this computer was accessed to this ICQ at least once, after which the operating system was not reinstalled, or the hard disk was formatted. After starting the program will show all the passwords typed on this computer for the whole "life" of the operating system.

If from this computer neverwas logged into your ICQ, how to recover the password in ICQ then? You can try again, however, a special program that will select the password for the dictionary. On the Internet, there are many such programs that work online. The only thing is, they will be effective under two conditions: if the ICQ was started a long time, because now for the passwords symbols are used in different registers, and if a word was chosen for the password that can be found in the dictionary - otherwise the selection will be useless. By the way, if ICQ was stolen, then it is useless to try to restore the password in this way - for sure, they installed a more secure password.

In order to question how to recover the password in theICQ did not become actual for you, it is enough to follow a few simple recommendations. First, you never need to go to ICQ without protection from hacker attacks. Secondly, the password must be as complex as possible. In the third, the most attractive for theft are short or beautiful numbers, and it's probably not worth using them unnecessarily.

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