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Details on how to change the password in "Warface"

Today we will talk about how in "Warfyus"change password. It's about a multiplayer online shooter. Warface developed three studios of the company Crytek. Most of the project was created by the Ukrainian branch.


how to change the password
Before proceeding to the solution of the problem, as in"Warfyus" to change the password, say a few words about the plot of the game. Blackwood is a terrorist organization. She deals with arms trafficking, murders, trials of guilty people and the spread of corruption. Opposed to it is a detachment of Warface, which frees key positions from the enemy all over the world.


We turn to the solution of the question, as in "Warfyus"change password. First of all, we turn to the personal cabinet on the official website of the project. Go to the "My profile" tab. Click the button "Change". We proceed to the next stage. Use the function "Change Password". A new window will appear. In it, we will be asked to use the old password. This step is necessary for the system to be able to distinguish the account owner from the attacker. The next step is to enter a new password. We confirm that we belong to the human race by entering the captcha. After that, check the mail. We are interested in this particular address, which is tied to the account in the game. Information about the mailbox in use is available in the profile. It is in the letter we will see the new data. If there is a binding of the phone number to the account, it will also be notified. Congratulations, the password has been changed. We recommend using complex secret combinations on accounts. It is best that the password contains letters in different registers and numbers. This approach will avoid possible theft of the account.

Return Access

how to restore the password in the Warfare
Now let's discuss how to recover the password in"Warfyce". If the account is hacked, go to the official website of the project. There we find a special page to restore access. Specify the appropriate fields in the mail and login. Further, we expect letters from the project, and follow the instructions described there, until the problem is resolved. More serious measures are needed when hacking mail. If you registered a mobile phone number during registration, then this problem can be solved. So, we request a recovery in the form of a message. If the phone is not tied to an account, first of all, return access to the mail. Next, we are moving on to solving the problem with the game. So we figured out how to change the password in "Warface".

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