/ Wallets electronic - is it a whim or a necessity?

Wallets electronic - is it a whim or a necessity?

It is believed that electronic wallets are only neededInternet entrepreneurs, for the rest of the users of the worldwide network it is only a whim. Let's look at what wallets are, for what purposes they are needed, which is better to choose.

Why do we need electronic wallets?

In this purse can be stored electronic money, which is the equivalent of real cash in a currency. With the help of electronic money you can:

  • Buy any goods in online stores, ranging from books and clothing, ending with vouchers and spa services;
  • pay for cellular and telephone communication, Internet, cable television, fines, taxes, communal and security services;
  • pay on credit bank accounts;
  • give or take a loan electronically;
  • exchange one currency for another.

electronic wallets
On the wallet you can put money with the bankmaps, phones, terminals or earn on the Internet (this will help copywriting, rewriting, earnings on affiliate programs, news, reselling).

The convenience of electronic money is that they can bewithdraw in any country in a specific currency, choosing the best option for exchange. Therefore, most infobusinessmen can work anywhere in the world, having access to the Internet.

Most Popular electronic wallets

Among the most common are the following:

  • Yandex. Money - you get an account for free, now the income from this wallet is taxed, the commission in the system is 0.5%;
  • RBK Money - has a standard and extended purse with different capabilities, the commission is 0.3-0.5%;
  • A single purse allows you to perform many transactions without commission or with a minimum 2-3% contribution;
  • Moneta.ru, like other wallets, inside the system allows you to make transactions without commission;
    electronic wallet webmoney
  • Qiwi - a purse that allows you to transfer money from your phone to Kiwi, is easy to register and has more advantages for ordinary users;
  • WebMoney is an electronic purse WebMoney, which has free and paid certificates with restrictions on operations and financial opportunities, the commission is 0.8%;
  • PayPal - the American wallet is convenient for those who earn on advertising Google Advord or buy goods on eBay;
  • Moneybookers - a British purse is also convenient for those who live abroad.

Which e-wallet is better?

Depending on your goals and place of residencewill suit different wallets. For example, infobusinessmen prefer RBK Money, Single Wallet and PayPal, as these systems allow you to perform a variety of operations. But ordinary users use Yandex. Money and WebMoney for the purchase of goods in stores and payment of utilities, where the commission is insignificant.

what e-wallet is better
Until recently, electronic money was notwere taxed. Now many wallets are either controlled by the state (like Yandex Money) or linked to a tax system (like WebMoney), so many use them for personal purposes to pay for online or offline services, and not for making money.

In any case, electronic wallets facilitatelife to many users on the Internet. But pay attention to two facts: 1) transactions from one purse to another, belonging to another system, can have a high commission percentage (more than 5%), 2) observe the safety rules and do not store a large amount of money on purses.

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