/ What is money on an electronic wallet?

What is money on an electronic wallet?

What is electronic money, knows todayalmost every Internet user. Electronic money is completely virtual money, capable at any time of moving in electronic form, while ensuring the complete independence of each payment. First of all, the advantages of electronic money should be attributed to their incredible convenience, as any payments with them are made at any time, while providing a host of other advantages. For example, electronic money is an extremely convenient option for those people who work on the Internet or are going to make various purchases on the network. It should also be noted that the purchase of almost any goods using electronic currency will be much cheaper than buying them in a standard store.

What are the electronic payment systems?

To date, there are many payment systems in our country, however, only three are among the main ones: Yandex.dengi, Cyber ​​Plat and, of course, WebMoney.

The advantage that unites all three can becall the maximum convenience of payments, since people can dispose of money from anywhere in the world, as well as the cheap cost of purchases, because online shops do not have to pay for renting premises, maintaining staff, etc., and therefore, in the price of the goods, all such expenses are not included.

However, it should immediately be noted that each of these systems has both its advantages and some disadvantages.

Yandex money

What is Yandex money, knows, probably,almost every Russian Internet user, since this is the most famous electronic payment system in our country. The advantages of it include the possibility of buying in online stores, as well as the implementation of all kinds of payments. In addition, Yandex offers us a number of services. This is about the purse itself.

If we take into account the system itself, then alsoadvantages for us can be: an incredibly extensive network of terminals, a cheaper price for the Yandex ruble, as well as increased security of payments. The disadvantages are the fact that the network is not world-wide, and terminals are located only in some CIS countries, but also that it has only our national currency - the ruble.

Cyber ​​Plat

What is money Cyber ​​Plat, knows not muchpeople, although this is the very first system in Russia, created back in 1997. Advantages and disadvantages of its almost the same as that of Yandex, only here there is also a certain scheme of rewards and round-the-clock support system, and the ruble Cyber ​​Plat is even more expensive.


WebMoney is the most popular systemelectronic payments around the world. It's almost impossible to talk about money of Web Money, so let's immediately consider its advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage of this system is,that it offers the maximum security of all payments. It is impossible to enter the pyramids, investing in HYIP. Also it is worth noting that it becomes absolutely impossible to exchange WM currencies for others, which provide complete anonymity of payments. It's definitely impossible to say what WM money is, since the system provides its users with wallets with a whole list of currencies.

If you compare the system WM with Yandex, it is worthnote that WM money does not have such an advantage as a cheap currency. The currencies of WebMoney today are quite expensive, however, it is not surprising, because you should not forget about the popularity of the purse and its advantages, and every famous brand has an overestimated value.

Precisely to say, which particular system is better impossible, since each of them has its advantages under different circumstances. Now you know what money is on an electronic wallet.

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