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The most effective plots for money

Everyone wants to have strong health, love andmaterial well-being. And often people resort to magical rituals, hoping to get what they want. Money conspiracies have been known since ancient times and are considered an effective method of attracting material success. The effectiveness of such methods can be explained from an esoteric point of view. As you know, the idea is material, and spoken out loud is doubly material. The energy that is invested in a conspiracy or a spell feeds the egregor (some energy substance that returns the transformed energy in the form of fulfilled desires), in this case money. Therefore, the power of money conspiracies is quite real. But before proceeding to concrete rituals, it is necessary to adopt several rules, following which one can prevent the outflow of money.

  • You should always take a trifle, for example, you can not give up putting in a store.
  • On Sunday, all the small coins that have accumulated in the wallet need to be distributed to the poor.
  • You can not lend money on Monday and in the evening.
  • Sweep the floor only from the threshold.
  • You can not give animals just like that, you need to take at least a nominal fee.
  • Do not store empty bottles in the house.
  • The broom must always stand with a side down.
  • In the purse, bills must be kept face to face and be arranged in ascending order.
  • To attract money, the wallet should be black or red, preferably square.
  • You can not transfer money from hand to hand, you need to put it on some surface.
  • Money likes accuracy. You can not keep crumpled bills in your pocket.
  • You can not have a purse empty - there must always be at least one note in it.

In order for money to come, you need to want it. You can not complain about the material shortcomings. The phrase "You want to be rich - live like a rich man" has the right to exist. We need to inspire ourselves constantly and daily: "I'm rich," "money loves me, and they come to me in a continuous stream." Autosuggestion - a thing very strong and proven on many people.

Now consider the most popular and effective plots for money.

  1. It is believed that the strongest conspiracymoney is a conspiracy for a young moon. On the first or second day of the lunar cycle, you need to go outside at midnight, pick up the bills (better large ones), "show" them to the month and repeat 10 times: "As the moon grows, so do my incomes".
  2. The most popular church conspiracies aremoney. Buy 5 church candles, put them on banknotes and hide for 5 days in a secluded place. Before hiding the sentence: "Money goes, money floats, as candles burn, I'll become rich." After 5 days, candles get out and burn one day (in the evening), and do not spend the bills.
  3. A conspiracy for quick money. You need to take a bill, fold it with a tube, and bind it with a red woolen thread. Binding, saying: "how many fish in the sea, how many leaves on the tree, how much sand in the river, so much money will come to me." A bill should always be carried with you to attract monetary luck.
  4. Conspiracy with grain. To do this, you need to strip naked, and sprinkle yourself with grain, saying: "Money for bread, bread for money." Another conspiracy: grain or cereals should be spread out in all corners in the house, each saying: "As a field with spikelets is rich, so I'm money."

Conspiracies for money will only work in thatIf a person believes in them. Therefore, when making a conspiracy, it is necessary to exert efforts, to wish with all our heart riches. It is worth noting that you can not use several conspiracies at the same time, at least you can not do more than one ritual during the lunar month. Do not engage in raising money on Monday, the best days for attracting wealth are Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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