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How to attract money: useful tips and signs

Everyone who has experienced certainmaterial difficulties, inevitably thought about how to attract money. But, as a rule, it did not go further than the lengthy reflections. Meanwhile, there are special monetary signs and rituals aimed at attracting capital. About them and will be discussed in our article.

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A variety of conspiracies and signs, whose goal is to improve the financial situation, can be combined with the common phrase "money magic". How to attract money through these manipulations?

First of all, it is necessary to completelyto reconsider their attitude to finance as such. After all, money has its own energy, the charge of which depends directly on your mood. A person who keeps bills in his trouser pocket in a crumpled and crumpled form, can hardly attract prosperity to himself. Money likes careful treatment. Fold them neatly and put them in a wallet or a wooden box - the tree removes negative energy from the denominations. To attract money will also help a special talisman designed for storage in your wallet. They can become an indistinguishable bill or Chinese coins, connected together by a red ribbon. In addition, sheets of clover or mint can contribute to attracting finance.

How to draw money into the house. Signs

· To make money in the house, it is necessary after the departure of guests to shake out the tablecloth on the street.

· Pay attention to the dining table - it should not be naked. Cover it with a beautiful tablecloth, under which

to draw money into the house
put a few bills.

· Place the broom up with a panicle.

· Pouring tea in a mug, drink the formed foam - this sign will help attract money to the house.

· Put a coin in each corner of the house and leave them there.

· Hang a mirror near the table or in the kitchen.

· Start a money tree - it can be likea symbolic talisman, and a living plant. In the latter case, the most common is a fat woman - a plant that brings good luck in financial affairs. You can also hang bills and coins to the twigs of any other plant - such created by your own hands, the talisman will certainly attract material well-being to the house.

General Tips for Raising Money

· It is recommended to give money with your right hand, and take it with your left hand.

Do not whistle in the house.

· Watch for plumbing in the house. Money and water have a similar energy, and if a tap is dripping in the house, they can simply leak from you.

· If you want to attract money, then do a manicure or cut your nails only on Fridays and Tuesdays.

· Conduct a special ritual of luring money: put some eagles up on the refrigerator door or under the rug in the hallway and say: "Money to money, like water to the shores."

The magic of money how to attract money

• Refer to the young month asking for money. When you see a thin sickle in the sky, show him a few bills and ask him to multiply the capital.

· Do not give back debts on New Year, on the 31st or the 13th of any month.

· Never leave a wallet absolutely empty - it should always contain at least one bill.

The above mentioned signs will help you attract money to the house and increase your own capital.

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