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How can I change the password in "Odnoklassniki" so that I do not "get caught" by scammers?

The Russian social network "Odnoklassniki" appeared in 2006 and immediately began to enjoy success among users of Runet.

This social network is growing as progressively,as well as the spam-side of the Internet. Pages of users are increasingly becoming tidbits for scammers. The administration recommends changing the password in "Odnoklassniki" for any suspicion of hacking or for prevention every six months. Also developers

how to change the password in classmates
advised to set a complex login code,consisting of letters and numbers. The code for the page should not be associated with your phone number or birth date. If the user has thousands of friends and is the leader of a large community, he needs to change his password every three months.

"How can I change my password in Odnoklassniki?""- a frequent question on Internet forums. And everything is quite simple. To change the password in "Classmates", it does not take much time. This popular social network often changes its interface and settings sections. We will facilitate the task and help you establish a reliable and secure password.

How can I change my password in Odnoklassniki?

Log in to your account - to enter you need to enter your login and password.

On the main page, where all the information about you (under the main photo) is located, you will see the "More" section - go there.

In this category there are a lot of all kinds of functions, but we are interested in the third item - the settings. In it we search for a line "password".

In the new page you will be asked to fill out a form for changing the code.

Fill in all the required fields-the old password and the new one twice. Duplication is necessary to eliminate the error.

How to change the password in "Classmates", if youdo not remember the old password, and the input from the computer is automatic? You'll have to restore it, and then, if you successfully fill out the form, you must save the new settings.

Change password in classmates

How can I change the password in "Odnoklassniki" so that I do not "get caught" by scammers?

The password must be secure (as statedearlier) and have at least six numbers and letters, but not more than fifty. In "Classmates" allowed to use special characters, which makes the entrance to the personal page more secure.

Do not use a standard password - your birthday, phone number, etc., because these data can be seen on your page or using other sources and used against you.

Do not go to pop-ups! Perhaps they contain a virus that quickly downloads information from your browser and infects the entire system with a virus.

Change the password in classmates

Do not send messages from your mobile phoneto your profile. The social network will never ask you to send them. This is an old trick of spammers. After sending a message from your number, the amount of money will be taken off, and all personal information will fall into the hands of scammers.

Do not tell anyone your password when you visitsomeone else's computer. Be careful: do not forget to log out of your account and delete your personal data in the browser. Often the browser remembers the password and login at the login. Make sure that after the exit they are not saved.

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