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Required connection settings for Skype with the Internet

Sometimes serious problems arise whenconnection of the Skype program with the Internet. This can happen after installing the latest version of the program or simply after making the wrong settings. If you do not have a Skype connection to the network, but you need to use this program and you want to solve this problem as soon as possible, then you definitely need to know about all the nuances of setting up a Skype connection with the Internet. Then you can set the correct parameters and solve the problem as quickly as possible. We recommend that you carefully read the manual that will be described in this article.

Notwithstanding the OS

Skype connection settings with the Internet
The skype connection setup problem caneach user, regardless of which operating system the system runs on. If you are a simple user and have never encountered similar problems, then making the right settings for yourself will be something of a fantasy field.

The main difficulties

no Skype connection to the Internet
In total there are two reasons for this,why there is no Skype connection with the Internet. This can be affected by the basic Internet connection settings directly in the standard Internet Explorer browser. Or the second reason is that the network connection is set to autonomous operation. Solving the problem is very simple and for this you only need to follow further instructions.

We recommend that you check beforehandproxy settings. If they are set correctly, the proxy is turned on and running, but skype still does not have an active connection to the Internet, which means that it's because of a weak signal, or because there is no internet connection at all. As you could already understand, your main task is to disable the proxy, but it is done in the following way. Start the standard Internet Explorer browser, then press the Alt + X combination, and then the drop-down menu should pop up. Your task is to go to the properties of the browser, then go to the connection page and only after that you can get into the network settings. If you check the "Use a proxy for local connections" tab, you need to remove it. Remember that all settings should be saved. After saving the settings in the browser, you need to press the Alt button. When the menu appears, go to the "file" menu, and if there is a checkmark (it will be located above the "Work Offline" tab), disable it. Now you need to check the Skype connection settings with the Internet, for this purpose we simply reconnect the Internet.

There is no Skype connection with the Internet - check the antivirus!

skype configuration problem
Skype can also refuse to workIf it gets into unwanted programs of your antivirus. In fact, this happens rarely, but still happens. In this case, your main task will be to remove this program from the unwanted list. This action takes place in different ways, depending on your antivirus.

Connection settings Skype with the Internet you cancheck directly in the program itself. To do this, we enter the settings and select the appropriate tab. In addition, it is also recommended to check if the Internet is working with other applications and sites. It may not be in the program itself, namely in your connection, so before making any settings, be sure that the Internet connection is active and other sites are opened in the same mode.


skype no active connection to the Internet
Now you know how to make settingsSkype connections with the Internet. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in this. If you download the program from an unofficial site, then remember that the program may contain malicious files, and they can simply prohibit the work of Skype and do not allow connecting to the Internet. In order to avoid such problems, it is always advisable to download the program only from an official source. Only then you can be sure that your operating system will not be infected. Another plus - when installing a program downloaded from an official source, you do not need to make any settings, it will connect automatically.

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