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How do I add a friend or a stranger to my friends?

"VKontakte" is one of the largest in Russia andnear abroad social networks. This site allows you to communicate, conduct your own microblogging, share photos, music and videos and make new acquaintances. One of the most popular questions among beginners is how to add "VKontakte" to friends?

Technical side of the question

How to add to friends in contact
For certain right after registration you will wantfind all friends and friends, and also colleagues, or, perhaps, you want to find former classmates or even friends around the yard from childhood? In this there is nothing difficult, just go to the page of the right person and press the button under the avatar with the corresponding inscription. After this action, the user will receive a request to add to friends and be able to confirm it. Now you know how to add "VKontakte" to friends, but how to find the right person? The site has a convenient search, in which you not only can enter the name and surname of the person you need, but also choose the region and the estimated age. You can search for the exact date of birth, place of study or work. But keep in mind that not all users detail and truly fill the profile. If you can not find someone, try asking common friends or finding relatives of the right person.

How to get to know "VKontakte" with a person?

Program to add friends to a contact
You want to find new friends, chat with someonesufficiently known and influential or to get acquainted with a specific person? "VKontakte" greatly facilitates all these tasks. Remember that you can write to any user who does not limit the circle of persons from whom he wants to receive messages. Comment on the posted photos or records on the wall, if possible, and write something. Most importantly, to interest the interlocutor with the first message and start a conversation. Everything else is a matter of technology. Popular question among users: "How to add friends" to the contact person of the famous person? " It's also easy, many stars are happy to add everyone to see the news of their creativity. If you are a fan of an unsociable, popular person, you should also try to interest him with your message or join a group dedicated to the activities of this person and try to ask questions of interest there.

How to add friends to "VKontakte" many people at once?

How to add friends to a contact
Popular page among other users -it is not only pleasant, but also profitable. With its help, you can advertise something or even post public messages on your behalf for material rewards. Let's add new friends by hand rather chore, but this is the safest and most reliable way. You can use the search through "possible friends" or just go to a page to one of your friends and add someone from those who have it. This way, how to add friends "VKontakte" in large numbers, works excellently - because the question of the reason for the application, you can always answer the truth that you saw a page from your friend and wanted to get acquainted with such a wonderful person. There are also groups, some of which are designed specifically for adding friends, others help "make acquaintances" for the personal benefit of the parties, for example, in order to play together in the application. There is not one program created, add friends "VKontakte" which allows one-click. But keep in mind that no client of this type is approved by social network developers. Using third-party software, you risk downloading a virus that can damage data on your PC or steal passwords that you enter when entering a social network.

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