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Do you know how to hide friends in contact?

If a respected user of a well-known social network has never wondered how to hide friends in contact, then he can be called a sincere and open person.

how to hide friends in contact
Let's drop the subjective judgments, conclusions andreasoning on the topic of why anyone needs it. However, this is not important. Each of us has our own reasons for that, of course, no one will be spread. Just do a little research on this topical topic on how to hide friends in contact. Everything is simple enough: you do not need to download any programs and do something tricky. If you are offered to download and install any suspicious program on your PC to activate a service that allows you to hide your friends, or to see the hidden friends of any user, then you know - you are absolutely deceived.

And now closer to the case: how to hide friends in contact

view hidden friends in contact

All you need is the VKontakte site itself.RU. We go to your page, you can start the main operation. In the left corner there is a peculiar menu, which you probably already had time to study. You need to find a button called "My Settings" and click on it.

A page with your general settings will appear,but now you do not need it. We translate a look at the top corner of a page and we search for a tab "Privacy" (it is usual under the account the second at the left). We press. We find the subtitle "My page" and look for a line "Who is visible in the list of my friends and subscriptions." Congratulations! All the most complicated is over. Now you know how to hide friends in contact! By default, it says "All friends". Click on this inscription, to the left appears a window with all your friends, and on the right is an empty field in which in a moment you will select those people whose faces you want to protect from other people's eyes. To do this, just click on the plus sign near the name of the "open" friend, and he automatically moves to the right column - a hidden list of friends in contact, thereby becoming invisible to your other friends, and not only for friends, but for all users in general. But that is not all. In order to finally make sure that no one can see the list of friends in contact, find the line "Who sees my hidden friends." Here you need to select the answer "just me."

Hooray! Mission Complete!

hidden list of friends in contact

Now no one is particularly curioussee your hidden list of friends. Or all the same can? Of course, there is one way. But it is insanely laborious and very inefficient. They should be used only in critical cases, when "blood from the nose" you need to learn the hidden contact. The way is that you go a little on the other side. That is, you are not looking for a hidden friend from a certain person, but, conversely, the right person from someone from the contact. In order to narrow down the circle of search, you can click "My friends", and then in the right menu select "Possible friends". In this case, the search will give out people who are not on your friends list, but you have common friends. It is here that you can find the person from whom you are trying to see your hidden friends in contact. As you can see, this method can not be attributed to easy and fast, but still, it's better than nothing at all. Believe me, this is the only way. If you are offered to download a program that supposedly allows you to see a hidden list of friends in contact - do not believe it! In the best case, it will turn out to be inoperative, and at worst - your page will be hacked.

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