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Bra, pattern: taking measurements, laying the foundation

If you learn how to sew ordinary bras with yourhands, you can create original and exclusive models for yourself and even for sale. After all, whatever one may say, this thing is absolutely necessary for every girl. Nothing so pleases the eye as the variety of underwear, because it is our secret weapon.

They say that all women feel at timesAttractive, if they wear beautiful underwear. In this article, we will talk about how to sew a bra without pits with your own hands and at home, how to properly take measurements from the model, and also consider all the subtleties of building the base. Let's start.

Bra: Pattern pattern with bones

We will create a pattern for your new bra yourself. To do this, we need a large sheet of paper, ruler, compasses, pencil and the model itself.

Let's give models a rest, we need itonly when we measure the cup for a new bra, taking measurements - a little later. In the meantime, let's work on the design itself, then to fit it to fit.

Where to begin?

Let's start with making a bowl block. To make this block, we use the size for bowl 4 (the size table will be shown below), and then we will adjust it for our forms. We take a sheet of blank paper, most likely, the usual A4, unless it is a pattern of a large bra, then you can take a sheet and more. Turn it to the horizontal position.

Working with a pencil and a compass

Closer to the lower edge and parallel to itline at 12.85 cm. Now take the compass and put its point at the starting point of the line. The sweep of the compass (the radius of the future circle) is 8.72 cm, we draw a circle. Now put the point at the end of the line and draw the circle with the same radius. At the top, at the intersection of two circles, we set the point so that if we draw two lines down (to the starting line), we get a triangle.

brassiere pattern

Then add to the newly-formedtriangle two more. Again, put the compasses at the starting point of the first line and draw a circle of 9.4 cm. Then move the compass to the top point of the triangle and draw a circle of 10.26 cm, as shown in the picture. On the other hand, we do the same, but the lines will be 10.8 cm and 9.24 cm.

bra pattern 2

We draw two more triangles on top by circles of 11.5 cm and 10.45 cm.

brassiere pattern 3

Now put the compasses at the starting point of the line10.45 cm. Make a circle of 7.13 cm. Next - at the end point of this line, make a circle at 11.57 cm. From the end point of the line at 9.24 cm we draw a circle with a radius of 11.57 cm and 13.6 cm see Understand how this will look, is quite difficult, so pay attention to the figure.

patterns of a large bra

Round the lines of the pattern

Once again, check all the measurements well, because, assay, a hundred times measure, cut once. Now we will need to gently round some lines of the outline: two at 8.72 cm, two at 11.8 cm and 10.8 cm from the outside, and where there was a line at 7.13 - with the inner line. Further on, the pictures will clearly show what is required of you.

Make smooth and beautiful lines, do not rush. As a result, you should get about this pattern, the basis of the bra, the cup itself. Look also at the wrong patterns of patterning, if your base is more similar to the other two patterns, it is better to remake it immediately, before cutting into cloth.

pattern basis

How to make a pattern for yourself?

The resulting pattern of the bra, with their own handscreated, fitted to a cup size 4. If this is not your size - you need to expand it. Take a good look at the following figure. The lines that emanate from the middle of the cup are numbered from the highest point (number 1) and then clockwise. The length of each line must correspond to the size. All the necessary measurements are shown in the table below. Just look at the line number and find the one corresponding to your size. Take care of lines number 3 and 6. Subsequently they form one horizontal line.

a pattern of a bra with your own hands

We adjust the pattern to fit

We need a well-fitting bra, a pattern and taking measurements is a very important point in our business. The model should be adjusted according to the following table.

Cup sizeBreast MeasuresLine 1Line 2Line 3Line 4Line 5Line 6

As you have noticed, in the standards of the chest is the range"From" and "before". "From" is the top line of the chest. A "to" - the bottom one. Conduct measurements should be, mentally holding a horizontal line in the middle of the chest. If you move the centimeter slightly higher - you get the top line, respectively, if you make a shift down - the bottom one.

Next, take our pattern for a cup of 4 sizes andwe will cut it out of paper. Put it on a new sheet, we draw a circle. Prolim already on the new sheet all the lines and make them the right size. Now, moving the base of the pattern to cup 4, draw a new pattern already on our size.

I got a new pattern. The base is ready. Now you need to build the bra's wings.

Wings of a bra

Now you need to measure the chest from below. Use a wire or a flexible ruler. It will be necessary not only to make measurements, but also to find the desired form.

taking measurements

Now transfer this form to paper. Remember that the length of this line should coincide with the bottom line of the cup. Now add a few centimeters to the right side. Draw another line down, as shown. The lower line of the bra belt can be slightly bent.

Now we need to do the back part. Remove the back measurements and, according to them, open the "back" of the shape you want, it can be just two strips.

When we sew all these parts together,we get a wonderful bra. Pattern is pretty simple and straightforward. Difficulties do not arise if you do everything correctly step by step. If you understand, then the pattern of a bra without pits will be the first time.

Model without pits

Pattern of a lace bra, bralette, asit is also called, consists of only a few details. Even a novice needlewoman can sew it. All that really needs to be found for such a bracelet is a cup. This is done on the next pattern, which also needs to be adjusted to its size.

pitted bra

When the pattern of a lace bra will beready, it must be cut. Now you need to take a roll lace, its width should be about 20 cm. Put the two pieces of pattern with a large straight cut to the edge of the lace and secure with pins. You can circle with a special pencil or a small piece of chalk or soap, if the lace is dark. And you can just cut out the contour, and only then unhook the pins.

Note that if you have not taken into account in your patternallowances for seams, then leave a little space on each side. Now you need to sew two parts together. You need to do this on the side of the big cut, but not where the edge of the lace, but on the other hand. You can first sweep the two parts of the product, and then stitch it on the machine. In general, the design of a bra without pips allows you to sew it with your hands, if you know how to do it. We got one cup of the future bracelet. Now make the second exactly the same.

Sew all the pieces of bracelet

For the bra belt, you can use a narrowerstrip a lace or cut it off wide. It should be the size of the entire girth under the breast plus a couple of centimeters to the seams and clasp. Now it remains to sew the cups to the waist and attach the straps. By the way, the buckle and straps themselves can be bought ready in the departments of fittings or shops for sewing.

As a basis for bralette, you can take not only a widelace, but also other various materials, it is enough just to cut out triangular bowls, they can be made and whole, from one piece of fabric and nothing stitching, and just lace with the appropriate color. Here we have a light and sexy bra, a pattern - it's nowhere easier!

pattern of a lace bra

Such a bracelet looks great undera translucent summer T-shirt or T-shirt, can be worn under a sweater or dress. In contrast to bras with bones, it does not create even the slightest feeling of discomfort, it is easy to wear, you just will not notice it. Decorate such a thing can be completely different. On the shelves of shops it is easy to find a variety of rhinestones, beads or ribbons, which can be sewn on top of our product. And from the remnants of lace that goes to the bra, you can build bows and sew them on top. By the way, sewing panties to this kit is also very easy.

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