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Beautiful paper crafts: flowers and floral decorations

Of course, the shelves of modern stores are crowdedartificial flowers, made so masterfully that they are difficult to distinguish from the real ones. But handmade flowers, conscious of ourselves or the hands of our loved ones, carry a deeper meaning and are more dear to us than the purchased ones.

The child does not know what to give to my mother on March 8? Teach him to make colorful paper crafts. Flowers will please you for a long time, and to create them you only need colored paper or napkins, scissors, glue, thin wire, thread, and in some cases gouache and sponge. With a certain skill, diligence and accuracy you will get wonderful flowers.

As for the raw materials, it is possible to doflowers from paper napkins, one- and two-sided colored paper or corrugated colored paper. It depends on what kind of flower we want to create. To simulate flowers with firm, elastic petals (for example, lilies), you need to take paper, for tulips - corrugated paper, and for flowers with delicate petals - paper napkins.

The most simple crafts made of paper are tulip flowers. So, take a piece of colored paper, cut off the edge to create a square. We do not throw out the strip, it's the future stalk. Fold the square diagonally, then unfold and add on the other diagonal. We wrap the ends in the middle of the fold to make a small square. Then gently straighten the petals and, easily pressing from both sides on the flower box, we form a tulip. From the cut strips of paper we form the stems: roll them with a thin tube (so that it does not unfold, it needs to be slightly moistened, crushed and allowed to dry) and with a pen or sponge with gouache we paint in green. Then, at the bottom of the flower cup with scissors, make a hole and plant the flower on the stem. Done!

Also easy to make crafts made of paper - colors chamomile. First you need to prepare a core - a circle of yellow heavy paper. We cut thin strips of white paper - the more, the better. Each strip is folded in half and glued the ends to make a loop. One side of the yellow circle is greased with glue and glued along the perimeter of the tips of the white strips. Lush petals are obtained. We fix the stem: we make it from a long strip of green paper and glue it with the fluffy side to the mug. To better fix the petals and stem on the core, we paste a second yellow circle with a hole for the stem from below.

Fragile crocuses can be created both fromcorrugated paper, and from a napkin. To do this, you need to prepare 6 strips of paper (tear along the corrugation line!) 2.5 x 13 cm in size with any gentle shade. Fold the strip in the middle along and in half. We form the petal so that it turns out to be convex. To do this, you have to stretch two layers of paper from one end at once, compressing the fold line at the base. Next, we prepare thin strips of corrugated green paper across the corrugation line. We take a piece of wire length of 10-15 cm and pasted it with green paper - the stem is ready. You can attach to it also leaves from dense green paper. Carefully place with a thread the petals - 3 internal and 3 outer. So our flower is ready! If you make such pieces 6-7, then you can put them in a pot with a sponge - a wonderful and non-staining decoration of any kitchen.

Some flowers from thin paper or napkinscan be perfected with the help of ink and a sponge or a marker. For example, a scarlet tulip can be traced black or dark brown longitudinal strips, and in gentle-lilac crocuses darken the core of the flower with a sponge dipped in gouache or ink. But you need to act very carefully, so that the napkin is not wet, and the flower does not lose shape.

Crafts made of paper - flowers, funny little animals,crafts, flower decorations for photo albums, caskets, and simply original decoration of a gift is a wonderful occasion to demonstrate your taste, surprise guests and please your loved ones.

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