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Crafts from a napkin. Create beautiful things from the simplest material

Napkins today are many craftsmenwidely used as a material for creativity. Of them, the most diverse products are made: flowers, paintings, topiary. At the moment, the technique of decoupage is very popular - decorating products with special napkins. And already from the earliest age, kids in kindergarten are taught to make crafts from this material. In this article we will tell you how to make different by the technique of performance and the complexity of crafts from the napkin with your own hands. You can make such compositions yourself or together with your children. Enjoy your creative work!

crafts from a napkin

Applications - simple, but very beautiful crafts from napkins. Master Class

A gift to my mother or grandmother for the holiday of March 8You can make an original postcard with a composition of three-dimensional flowers. That's what we will do from ordinary paper napkins. In addition, prepare cardboard, colored paper, glue, watercolor or gouache ink, scissors for work.

Performing an application from a napkin: a description of the process

From brown paper, cut the part inform the basket and paste it on the bottom of the cardboard base of the future postcard. Paint on her stripes paint, giving the product the effect of weaving. Now proceed to the design of flowers. Draw the stems sticking out of the basket with a light brown color. On them, paste the flowers from the napkin. They are performed as follows. The napkin is cut into four parts. From each piece, a ball is twisted, spread with glue and attached to the base of the product. All the branches decorate with such colors. If you take a napkin yellow, you get a postcard with a bouquet of mimosa. From a blue or purple material you can make a lilac, from pink - a twig of cherry blossoms.

crafts from napkins master class

Crafts from paper napkins "Flowers"

A paper rose, peony, dandelion can be made bythe same technology. Crafts from a napkin in the form of volumetric colors can become a beautiful bouquet in a vase, or an ornament of a carnival costume, or an element of a wall panel. They are very simple, but they look beautiful and effective.

Remove one napkin from the bundle and fold it four times. You will get a square blank, consisting of sixteen tiers of paper. The middle of this part is punctured with a stapler crosswise. The corners of the product are rounded. At the edge of the workpiece, cut one centimeter into the fringe. Then carefully lift each layer of paper and press your fingers to the center. Thus, decorate all the tiers of the product, forming a magnificent flower. Now make a stalk. To do this, a piece of wire or a wooden stick wrap it with green paper and fix its ends with glue. Carry out the leaves of the same material for application and paste on the stem. Now, on the resulting stalk fix the manufactured flower head. Everything, crafts from a napkin in the form of flowers are ready.

Pencil, decorated in the technique of decoupage

With the help of napkins and glue, you can turn an ordinary tin can from coffee or baby food into an original stand for stationery. For work you need these materials:

  • empty capacity;
  • napkins for decoupage;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • brush;
  • acrylic lacquer.

crafts from paper napkins flowers

Clean a dry jar with PVA glue and gentlyglue it with a napkin. Remember that the decoupage napkin before work needs to remove the bottom white layer. The product is made out only by the colored part of this material. Gently move with a brush to expel the air from under the napkin. When the entire surface of the container is sealed, apply two layers of glue or acrylic lacquer on it and allow the product to dry completely. If desired, you can decorate a pencil with ribbon, bright buttons, artificial flowers.

Doing crafts from a napkin - very busyfascinating. It will bring pleasure to you and your children. From the most common material, you literally in an hour can make interesting and beautiful crafts for your home or as a gift to close people.

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