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Australian Merino yarn: characteristics and application

Australian merino - a breed of sheep, who conquered the world with incredibly soft, thin, elastic, elastic wool.


This breed of herbivores with a thin fleece in Australia is bred. Over time, several subspecies of the breed have been bred, the wool of which differs in quality.

Australian Merino

In order for the wool of Australian Merinoremained high-quality, they are grown in meadows, characterized by increased herbage and perfect ecological compatibility. To achieve this goal, animals are often grazed on highland pastures with a unique climate. Only if these conditions are met, the wool will gain the necessary amount of lanolin, which provides a therapeutic effect. This substance kills bacteria and microorganisms. High quality, appreciated all over the world, merino wool is due to ideal conditions of keeping. These conditions include feeding animals on time, sheltering the blanket, keeping in clean rooms, observing the diet.

Shear sheep at one time, when the fleece becomesideal. Interestingly, withers are more expensive, soft wool. Australian merino gives a white air fleece, which is subjected to many stages of purification.

wool of Australian merino


The main indicator determining the methodprocessing of wool, - the length of the fibers. Suitable wool is divided into several categories, among which there is yarn "Australian merino", crossbreds, carpet wool and so on - depending on the quality of cleaning. Each of the categories is divided into varieties. Merino wool has a thin diameter and a short length, while the carpet is long-fibred, with a coarse pile. In modern production, synthetic fibers are mixed with natural fibers, processing the same way. In wool production, wool and other animals are also important - goat (mohair), llama, camel (alpaca and cashmere), etc.

To obtain natural high quality wool, Australian merino should be cut alive and healthy. Only then the wool retains the medicinal qualities.

Yarn production

The technology of wool production implies twoMethod of processing, resulting in a worsted or woolen fabric. In these processes, similar equipment is used, but their objectives are different. In general, the production of worsted fabric requires the use of long hair, while combing and other procedures, the fibers are parallel, short hairs are rejected. When twisting, another thin yarn is produced, from which a light fabric, used in men's suits, is subsequently created. In the production of woolen fabrics, we mix and weave fibers, producing fluffy and soft yarn. It is woven into three-dimensional fabric, whose surface is unclear - tweeds, woolen blankets, fabric for making coats. Since the requirements do not include the homogeneity of the fiber, the production involves mixing of new and old wool, fibers of different lengths, rejections, reconstituted wool and other.

At the same time, it is important to know that the production of Australian merino yarn is a complex of measures for obtaining a high quality product.

australian merino reviews


Products made from merino wool,so thin that they are not prickly. This yarn is valued by producers of wool products, they are willing to pay a lot of money for quality raw materials. One of the highest prices paid for this wool was 420 thousand dollars per 100 kg.

Australian merino brings a large number of threads: from only 10 kg of wool produced 6 km of yarn. Of this number, weave a canvas and sew several pieces of women's suits.

Fashion houses, elite fabric manufacturers participate in auctions in order to obtain the necessary quantity and quality of wool.

Australian Merino yarn


Merino wool is dyed in various colors. In the store you can buy tangles of various colors, but you can buy natural color yarn. To get the color out of it, you can paint the wool itself, which was given by the Australian merino. Colors will fully meet the needs of the user. This is not difficult to do, so even inexperienced knitters can do it.

Interesting Facts

The wool of these animals is the most mysterious material that has a fascinating history. Its exclusivity can be proved by only a few facts.

- Until the 18th century, the export of animals of this breed was punishable by death. The first individuals were removed only in the early 18th century.

- The thickness of merino wool is 14-23micron. In ordinary sheep, their thickness is 30-35 microns. This parameter is very important, since at a thickness of over 25 microns, allergies and irritations may occur.

- With pulmonary diseases, the wool of these animals is used. With bronchitis or cough, you should walk in a jacket of merino wool, so that the signs of the disease become weaker.

"These animals give more wool than any other breed." Merino sheep gives 15 kg of wool per year, whereas ordinary, even the most "woolen" sheep, only 7 kg.

- The record holder for the amount of wool removed fromone animal, is the merino. Shrek - a ram of this breed - at one time gave 27 kg of a rune of the highest quality. The fibers contained in this rune were more than 40 cm.

yarn australian merino ashock

- Merino wool is softer than silk three times.

- The only material in the world that can not be reproduced artificially is Merino wool. Most of the characteristics of this product are so unique that they can not be deduced.

- This yarn has unique antibacterialand healing properties. In the merino fiber contains lanolin - an element that has a high softening and anti-inflammatory effect. This substance is used in medicine and cosmetology.

The animal's wool is unique in everything: it is practical, comfortable in the toe material, it is durable, not prone to deformation, does not lose its qualities.

Application area

Threads made from the wool of sheep of this breed,They are used for knitting by private individuals and for the production of various fabrics used in the manufacture of clothing. On sale you can find beaver, boucle, gabardine, ratin, kovkot, boston, velor, scotch, diagonal, cheviot, drape and other fabrics of this wool.

Yarn "Australian Merino" ("Pechora") is widelyknitting of children's clothes and clothes for adults. Even for babies knit things from such a wool. It does not cause allergies, does not rub the skin. At the same time, it does not interfere with air circulation, it perfectly warms, it always remains light and weightless.

Australian Merino Colors


Australian merino, whose wool reviews are available on every knitter site, is the best supplier of high-end yarn.

Buyers note the ease of things,made from the wool of this sheep. Children enough to tie a thin blouse or jumpsuit, so they do not freeze. This yarn does not cause allergies, does not rub the tender skin of babies, does not cause irritation. Children who are covered with plaids of merino, are less likely to get sick, are more tolerant of the disease, recover faster.

This unique material makes it possible to carryNatural, eco-friendly clothing that helps get rid of ailments. You can buy yarn not only at world auctions, but also in ordinary stores selling high-quality materials for knitters. Whatever you decide to make from the purchased material, this thing will be solid, comfortable, warm, safe and useful.

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