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Mattress suture in knitting is not so difficult as it seems at first glance

Not all knitters who only recentlyThey took knitting needles and yarn, trying to create a masterpiece, they know how to connect together all the details of the product connected with them. After all, it is very important that the finished item has a very neat and rather fashionable appearance, so that the product looked on the figure as best as possible.

Choose the right one for this particular caseknitted seam is not very easy. And yet it is possible. If a thing is made by knitting with the help of knitting needles, a matt suture will come to the rescue. In knitting, it's pretty simple, without any intricacies. And most importantly - after the details of the canvas are connected, it is almost invisible.

We connect with a mattress seam: what is needed for this?

Mattress seam in knitting with knitting needles have been used for a long time andOften. It has undoubted advantages, making it universal for many products. This option is suitable for beginner masters. After all, in order to complete the process of creating a new thing, you do not need to pre-schedule the details. It will be enough just to call for help pins.

How to sew knitted items? A mattress seam can be made with absolutely any yarn that the craftsman has chosen, regardless of its color and thickness. This is especially true in the event that the elements of a thing are connected from a multi-colored yarn.

mattress seam in knitting

To begin with, you will need an ordinary needle, one end blunt, and the second one has a wide eye. The blunt end of the needle will not split the thread while the parts will be joined.

Now it should be placed in front of you on the tableready-made elements of the future attire, which will need to be sewn. They should lie face down. So they are connected with each other. And you need to sew exactly for those loops, which will be following the loops from the edge row.

Trying to connect correctly

First, you need to visually identify the loops,necessary for the job, and all - you can start making a mattress suture in knitting. If the beginner is not sure that she will succeed at once, and it will work out correctly, she can try to train on two pieces of preforms pre-made from different yarns.

To understand and see the difference, you can chooseThread, which will be completely different both in thickness, and in color from blanks. It is necessary to gently prick the needle eyelet on the top part, which is on the right piece.

mattress seam in knitting

Then slowly put the yarn through the loop, butit is not necessary to tighten it. It is better to determine for yourself the required series in this case, which is located after the edge. And now you can stick your tool directly into the center of the front grip loop.

Important Stitch

Further it is necessary to stretch through a loop a needle,in the eye of which a thread is inserted. The result was a stitch in the prepared knitting that connects both the parts - left and right. But do not delay it yet.

So we continue to make a mattress verticalseam, connecting the loops together and not tightening the working thread. It must be very carefully monitored so as not to miss any place on which the stitch is created.

It is important not to delay

Once enoughneat stitches, you need to pull lightly on yourself with a thread. This is done until the knitting is connected, but it is not necessary to tighten too much, so that the loops do not stretch around the seam. Now, looking at the resulting result, you can see that the joined halves are absolutely smooth. It seems that the facial surface was knitted with a two-color thread.

mattress vertical seam

You can continue to work until allthe loops will not be connected. You can see with your own eyes that the front side of the work is completely invisible, the yarn of what color did the matt suture in knitting. Yes, and from the wrong side, too, can not understand anything.

A little time is a great result!

It is much easier to make such a seam on those knitted details that were created on the right side of the sash. Here, the eyelet of the eyelet is best seen, for which each stitch and cling.

All the necessary actions are almost the same as inthe first variant, described a little higher. Stitch one by one must be done consistently, without forgetting about each loop in the series. But you do not need to tighten the thread.

how to sew knitwear details mattress suture

In exactly the same way as in the first case, whenthe implementation of this seam is completely imperceptible, what thread it is made of. Experience shows that it is quite possible to create a vertical knitted seam (aka mattress) in a short period of time. But the most important thing in this case is that the front side will look just perfect.

Correct thread selection

If a future product is created from yarn a littlefluffy or completely smooth, then in order to connect the details, you need the thread that was used in the work. But if a long-haired mohair, bunched or interesting yarn with thickenings was chosen for the thing, then it would be better to combine the details with a smooth yarn that would match the color.

It is better not to use familiar sewing threads, because they are not elastic at all for this.

vertical knitted seam is also mattress

It is necessary to look attentively at the number of rows indetails that need to be connected. Both parts must contain the same number of rows. Also it is necessary to take into account, as are the decrements of the loops in the prepared canvas.

After reading this article, you will understand,what is a mattress suture in knitting and how to do it properly. Now even a beginner skilled worker will be able without any fear to unite all the related details, and so that it will not be noticeable.

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