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The designation of the ruble as a currency. Symbol of the ruble: a symbol on the keyboard

Nowadays, everyone knows what it looks likedenomination of the ruble. The symbol of this currency you can see in the article. In it we will talk not only about its history of occurrence. We will also tell you how to enter the ruble symbol in the text field. The character on the keyboard, of course, is not specified, but still there are ways to enter it. In this article, we will look at all of them.

The history of the symbol

Initially, of course, it is worth paying attention tothe history of the appearance of the symbol. The designation of the ruble as a currency appeared in the distant thirteenth century. And almost immediately there was a need for its reduction. Variations were mass, but the first known variant, which became known to us, is a combination of two letters - "p" and "y". Definitely one can say one thing: this reduction appeared due to the evolution of the then-written language in Russian. By the way, this reduction appeared in the 17th century and was used up to the 19th.

symbol of the ruble symbol on the keyboard

In our time, another symbol of the ruble is a symbol"₽". However, it is worth noting that this version of writing is relevant only for Russian-origin bills, and everyone knows that the ruble is used in three countries: Russia, Belarus and in the unrecognized Transnistria. At each country it is different.

  • in Belarus - "Br";
  • in Transnistria - "P" with a line that is located vertically.

But in the article we will only talk about the Russian ruble.

Insert from the keyboard

So, the main thing we have already done, we indicateddenomination of the ruble. We know the symbol, and now it's time to tell how to enter it from the keyboard. The first way, which we will use, appeared relatively recently, in 2013. But it is worth noting that Microsoft has implemented this symbol not in all its operating systems, but only in the current ones.

So, continuing to talk about the designation of the ruble, the symbol on the keyboard, as mentioned above, you will not find. Here you will need to use the keyboard shortcut - Alt + 8.

It's pretty simple, after pressing these twokeys in the place where you put the cursor, printed symbol of the ruble. But it's worthwhile to note that Alt needs to be clamped to the right, not to the left, and the eight to enter on the top numeric keypad, otherwise nothing will come out.

Insert using the symbol table

The simplest method of input was presented abovesymbol of the ruble. But for some reason it might not work (a broken key or an outdated version of Windows). What if you urgently need to enter a ruble symbol? The symbol in the "Word" will help you in this. So, now consider the way how to use the symbol table in the "Word" to insert the ruble symbol in the document.

This is done quite simply, you are important -Initially open the table itself. To do this, go to the "Insert" tab. Now, on the toolbar, you need to find the "Symbol" button. Click on it, and in the drop-down menu select "Other Symbols". Visually the whole process you can see in the picture below.

symbol of the ruble symbol in the Word

Now you have the right table. As you can see, the characters there are unimaginable quantity, manually searching for the desired one will be long in time. In order to facilitate searches, you can select "Monetary units" in the "Set" drop-down list. After that, you will see currency symbols of different countries. Find the desired one and click the "Insert" button. Pay attention to the code of the sign, it will come in handy further.

Using hexadecimal code

Remember the code you needed to pay attention to? It is the hexadecimal code of this symbol. Now consider how to use it to enter the symbol of the ruble.

And there is practically nothing to do here, just enter the code and press ALT + X. But for the sake of clarity, let's take a look at the example.

Suppose you entered a number in the "Word" and want to put the symbol of the ruble at the end. For this:

  • put the cursor in the desired place;
  • enter "20BD";
  • Press ALT + X.

denomination of the ruble as currency

After that, the code will turn into the symbol we need. If you want to know other codes of symbols, you can view them in the table with symbols, simply highlighting the desired element. The "Character code" field will show a set of four characters, which is the hexadecimal code of the selected character.

Using the Clipboard

Well, and the last way is generally for the lazy ones, thoughvery few people know about him. Using the clipboard, you can insert not only a printed symbol in the document, but also the very image of this symbol. To do this, the picture or symbol should be placed initially in the clipboard, that is, just copy it. When the desired object is in the buffer, make sure that you do not copy something else to it, otherwise it will not work.

Then open the program or page where you will enter the symbol, paste the copied object with the CTRL + V combination or the context menu.

symbol of the ruble symbol

By the way, you can use this article to copy the right material. Here is the symbol - "₽". By the way, in this way you can copy any symbol or image.

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