/ How to borrow on the NSS? Features of the procedure

How to borrow on the NCC? Features of the procedure

If you do not have enough money to use the services,many operators are lending money. The same service is available in Rostelecom (HCC). The option will be useful in cases where there are no terminals nearby or there is no time to deposit funds. How to borrow on the NCC? For this you need to perform a simple procedure.

Promised payment for the Internet

When the Internet is not paid in time,The provider usually suspends the services. But what if the Internet is needed urgently, and there is no possibility to replenish the balance? For this purpose, the promised payment is used, due to which the service is extended for 5 days. During this time, there is an opportunity to replenish the balance and continue using the Internet.

how to take on nuss in debt

To borrow on the NSS, you need to do the following:

  • To visit a personal cabinet: access to it is even in the absence of the Internet;
  • you need to find a payment section;
  • choose the promised payment, enter the personal account;
  • indicate the amount necessary to connect the Internet and confirm the application.

After that, the connection to the network takes place. Usually the operation takes 3-5 minutes. It is necessary to return the funds in 5 days. If this is not done, the service becomes blocked.

Promised payment to the phone

Funds may be required not only forInternet, but also for mobile communication. If there is no money on the phone, you can use the convenient service. But how to borrow on the NSS? To do this, you must meet several conditions:

  • the number must be registered from 4 months;
  • for the last 7 days the number should not be disabled.

in debt to nuss

The maximum for individuals can be 100 rubles. The service is provided for 5 days. If the funds are not returned within the deadline, the promised payment is blocked for a month. The cost of the service is 7 rubles.

Ways to connect

How to borrow on the NCC in debt is more convenient? For this there are several proven ways:

  • request by USSD-command: you need to dial * 122 * 1 #, then confirm the operation, and then prompts will be given on activation of the service;
  • a call to the company: for this, the number 8-800-300-18-00 is used, according to which the operator will tell about further actions;
  • in my account: on the site, find the section on managing services, where you can connect the required service.

How to take on the NCC in debt, everyone can chooseyourself. By any method, money comes quickly. The service will help out at any time, when there is no possibility to replenish the account. The service is always provided to customers.

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