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Pancake flour: composition and calorie content

Dear readers, do you know how to do it?the most delicious pancakes in the world? If not, we will help you to uncover the secret. It consists of a special pancake flour, which is great for cooking them. Let's consider the concept of "pancake flour", its composition (what ingredients it includes) and, of course, caloric content.


Most cuisines of the world are famous recipesmaking a variety of pancakes, pancakes, pancakes, cakes and rolls of pancakes, the basis of which is flour. Of course, under different names of these dishes, there are different sets of products and methods of preparation.
Provided there is not enough time, cookingcan be greatly alleviated using pancake flour. The composition of this flour mixture is very different. It all depends on the manufacturer. This is directly reflected in the price and quality of the finished product.


In fact, the finished mixture - this is pancake flour. The composition can vary from expensive (egg powder, whole-moult, salt, sugar, whey powder) to cheaper (low-grade muffin, egg powder, baking powder, granulated sugar, salt).
Usually it is printed on the packaging by the manufacturer.
Preparation becomes less expensive fortime, this contributes to pancake flour. The composition, of course, you need to learn when buying it. A good and high-quality product will be the key to successful baking. We guarantee!

pancake flour composition


We have already figured out what pancake flour is. We also studied the composition. It's time to talk about how to measure the quantity.
One teaspoon corresponds to 10 grams of the product.
One tablespoon is 30 grams of the product.
In one glass, 160 grams of the product.

Caloric value

If we talk about nutrition, we getvery valuable pancake. The composition of flour includes a fairly high-calorie ingredients. Flour has a caloric content of 336 kcal, protein in it is 10.2 g, fat is 1.8 g, carbohydrates - 69.7 g.

Preparation of homemade flour for pancakes

You need to take one cup of flour:
• One and a half teaspoons of baking powder.
• One tablespoon of milk in powder.
• One tablespoon of granulated sugar.
• Half a teaspoon of salt.
All combine and mix well.
Store necessarily in a closed tray or jar with a tight lid.

flour pancake flour composition

Pancakes and ways to feed them

By the word "pancake" is meant a product,which is prepared from a thin dough, fried in a hot skillet without oil. The round shape of the pancakes symbolizes the sun, in the old days it was worshiped.
Pancakes are an independent dish. They can be stuffed with meat, fish, fruits and many others. Pancakes are also used as a filling for many dishes, including salads. They should be attributed to the oldest dishes, prepared in the prehistoric period.
In different cuisines of the peoples of the world you can finda variety of cooking recipes. For example, French cuisine is famous for thin pancakes, fried on the one hand, they are stuffed with sweet, meat or fish fillings. Pancakes are also popular in Asia, America and even in Africa.
Traditionally, stuffing for pancakes became meat andminced fish, vegetables, red and black caviar, fried mushrooms with onion, eggs, including quail, various kinds of cheese, fruits and berries, honey and others. A good "sauce" is condensed milk, honey, jam, jam and sour cream.

flour pancake calorie composition


Today we tried our best to introduceyou with the concept of "pancake flour". Caloric content, we reviewed it, and as you understand, you can cook this flour with your own hands. Of course, the choice is yours. We hope that the article will be useful to you and you will learn a lot of useful information for yourself.

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