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Home canning: how to prepare juice from apples for the winter

Fruit and vegetable juices are the kind of drinks,which we must use all year round. But they get the most value during the off-season and in the winter, when our body feels a special need for vitamins. What should a good housewife do? Of course, to prepare juices for the winter! How to do it? We'll tell you!

Natural juice

apple juice for the winter
The juice of apples for the winter can be closed inunlimited quantity. For this recipe you need fruits, a juicer, a large wooden spoon, an enamel pan and a preserving container. Wash the dishes thoroughly in warm water, where you should pour a couple of spoons of soda. Wash the apples, cut into slices, peel off the seeds, remove the damaged areas. Load the product into the juicer, place the containers under it to collect the liquid. Banks sterilize, lids, too. Depending on the container capacity, in which you will close the juice from apples for the winter, dial the amount of liquid poured into another pan, put it on the fire, warm it up to a temperature of about 90 degrees, removing the foam with a wooden spoon. Cooked this way for one and a half minutes, pour the juice over the jars and roll them. To preserve the nutritional value of the drink, it can be prepared and somewhat differently. At repeated boiling, the liquid can be heated up to 40 degrees, as well as packed, rolled up, wrapped and in inverted form to withstand the banks for about a day. As you can see, this juice from apples for the winter is preserved without sugar and other additional components. When you use it for food, sweeten it at will.
canning of apple juice

Fruit and fruit platter

home made apple juice
Extremely useful and very tasty drinks,which are made not from one type of product, but from a mixture. This twist-assortment helps with anemia, vitamin deficiency, autumn melancholy or winter cold. What could be better than a sip of summer in a glass! Here you are and prepare the juice from apples for the winter with other fruits! You will need: one and a half kilograms of the main product and the same amount of pears and plums. Sugars - 1000 - 1200 g. Wash apples and pears, cut out seeds, stems. At the plums, clean the bones, divide the fruits into halves. Fold everything in a sokovarku, cook, and let the products be processed within an hour (from the boiling point of water). Juice stir with sugar, pack on cans, sterilize (temperature not higher than 85 degrees). Time of sterilization: for half-liter containers - 15 minutes, per liter - 20, 3 liters - half an hour. Preserving juice from apples and other fruits according to this recipe is also possible with less sugar or with a different ratio of components. And from the pulp (otzhimok), you can cook excellent jam or jam.

Juice with pulp

pasteurization of apple juice
If you want to spin a drink with pulp, thenfor this use this technology. A kilogram of fruit will require up to 150 grams of sugar and 0.5 g of ascorbic acid. Unlike previous recipes, this apple juice is made from fruits with seeds, core. Fruit cut into slices, place in a saucepan, pour in a little cold boiled water, in which dissolve the acid. It is necessary to prevent the apples from oxidizing, not darkening in the air. Rasparivayte on a small fire under the lid, until the pieces do not soften. After this, the mass should be recoated through a thick sieve or colander. Wipe the aged juice to a temperature of 85 degrees, pouring sugar to taste (or putting honey), and pack on cans. Pour under the neck, so as not to remain air. Sterilize at a temperature of 85-90 degrees 25-30 minutes.

By this principle, juices from different fruits and vegetables can be preserved.

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