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Preservation of green tomatoes. Recipe proven

canning green tomato recipe
Recipes that we will offer you forconsideration, do not pretend to be exclusive, it is quite possible that they are already "branded" in your family. But for certain there are also those who are not yet aware of how unimaginable it is simply the conservation of green tomatoes. The recipe we will offer is not one, you will choose from what. Do it.

What do you need

For cooking you will need immature(green) tomatoes. To get them easier at the end of the season. It is unlikely that anyone will dare to pluck the vegetables ahead of time, if there is an opportunity to enjoy them in the ripe form. Therefore, such a vegetable appears on the market in late summer or early autumn. Preserving green tomatoes for the winter is not much different from any other conservation, but, for example, unlike cucumbers, they have a longer "maturation" period. If cucumbers become salted for five days, then tomatoes, especially green, will take about four weeks.


First of all, let's talk about the most banalmethod. Marinating is the conservation of green tomatoes, the recipe of which is based on the heat treatment of vegetables. The process is standard: pour the boiled water in the clean cans of vegetables, previously washed and dried. When the tomatoes warm up and cool slightly, drain the water, add a teaspoon of acetic essence (per three-liter jar) and pour boiling brine. A 3-liter jar will require about 1.5 liters of brine. Then just roll up and send insist.

canning green tomatoes without sterilization


In classic brine, the combination of sugar and salt toone liter of water is 3-2-1, that is, three tablespoons of sugar put two tablespoons of salt and pour a liter of water. It is necessary to boil it well. Spices suitable for this are quite predictable: bay leaves, cloves, pepper fragrant and ordinary (peas), coriander. This is a minimum, and you can diversify the taste with fennel seeds, garlic, onion, ground ginger and even cinnamon.

Preserving without sterilization

Preservation of green tomatoes, recipe of whichwe will offer you further, based on the natural process of fermentation. You will need to put the clean vegetables in a container, spice it, pour a warm classic brine and send it to ripen in a warm place. After the vegetables are ready, they are transferred to the cold for long-term storage. This form of cooking is nothing more than canning green tomatoes without sterilization. In fairness I want to say that they are considered more delicious than pickled. These recipes can vary a set of spices.

Preservation of green tomatoes

canning of green tomatoes for the winter

Recipe # 1

Put in plastic bags aboutkilogram of tomatoes and pour them with a warm classic brine, adding spices (horseradish sheets, currants, fragrant pepper, cloves). Try to remove all air from the bags and tighten. Put all the bags in a keg and pour in brine. Press the top of the lid. If the air remains in the containers, mold will appear on the surface, which must be removed. After a few weeks, the snack will be ready.

Recipe No. 2

Pure the clean fruits and lay in the middle of slices of garlic. Fold in a container, fill with a classic brine and send it to infuse.

Recipe # 3

Fruits of tomatoes cut in half, remove the core and stuff it with a mixture of grated carrots and celery root with greens. Next - as in the previous recipe.

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