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Confectioneries Saratov: "Apple." Some facts

Resto is a company in Saratov that has revivedconfectionery "Apple", in demand in Soviet times. Want to eat delicious? Confectioneries Saratov ("Apple" is no exception) will offer you their services.

If we talk about "Apple", then we note that itis aimed at selling products to take away, so you will not find a large number of tables - there are only two. To this you can add two racks that are located along the windows.

Sweet menu of the Yablonka confectionery

Visiting this pastry shop, you will not findNewfangled desserts, such as muffin or capcake. The main menu is jams of different kinds, pies, croissants, walnut meringue. A total of more than eighty desserts, which are sold at very low prices. On sale there is bread, which includes carrots and sesame, as well as a fitness version of bread with bran.

confectionary Saratov Yablonka

The main dish of the confectioner's shop is Yablonka pie,which is made according to a recipe, invented by Saratov confectioner Alexander Solovyov. This dessert has become a visiting card of the city for many years. The price of this confection is 160 rubles.

Yablonka Saratov, operating mode

In the confectionery "Yablonka" (Saratov), ​​the mode of operationwhich from eight in the morning until eight in the evening (there are no days off), you can buy popular pastries - "Rum dumpling". The sale of this dessert is so high that you have to bake more than 300 pieces per day. Well realized and eclairs with a filling of mascarpone cheese. Success is enjoyed with cakes with different fillers.

What else pleases the confectionery "Apple Tree"

What else can the confectionery of Saratov offer? "Apple" will treat you to a French kish - a kind of open pie with various fillings and egg-cream filling. You can taste dumplings with different kinds of meat, manti with potatoes or pumpkin, chebureks.

By the way, in "Apple" there is an opportunity to watch how the pastry cookies biscuits, as the electric oven is located next to the counter and shop windows.

Confectioneries Saratov - visitor reviews

Any pastry shop has both fans and dissatisfied customers. What are the estimates of the Saratov confectionery? There are positive and negative reviews.

confectionery Saratov reviews

It should be noted that satisfied customers andcustomers "Yablonki" is much more than those who bake products and confectionery products do not like. Buyers note that the staff working in the pastry shop is very friendly and sympathetic, and the products are delicious and always fresh. For those who like to visit the confectioneries of Saratov, Yablonka has become a lovely home: here they come for tasty bread, sweet eclairs, for mantels with pumpkin.

Unfortunately, there are also negative reviews. Of course, you can not please everyone, and there are such visitors who claim that baking is not tasty, although fresh, that at the end of the day they sell products that have already lost their presentable appearance. Some do not approve of the direction of the confectionery to Russian national pastries according to old recipes. Some do not like that confectioneries Saratov, "Apple", including, do not sell alcohol.

As the chef-confectioner says in response to a tip aboutthe appearance of the products: "We do not add preservatives to baking and other products, and it is not surprising that by the end of the day some baking slightly loses its original appearance. But we can assure all our customers that all products are very fresh, as by the evening all the counters are empty, and rarely that can remain the next day. "

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