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Pasta with vegetables: cooking recipes

Macaroni and all that of them are cooked, people are primarily associated with Italy. Indeed, in this country pasta with vegetables is the same usual dish as in Ukraine bacon.

Mediterranean option

pasta with vegetables

Anyone who does not know about Italy canStart your acquaintance with the national cuisine. For this, pasta with vegetables is perfect. In some recipes it is called "in Mediterranean". To work, you need very little: 0.5 kilograms of any pasta with 2 red and green sweet peppers, a pair of onions, one big eggplant and zucchini, salt, 3 cloves of garlic, 2 jars of canned tomatoes, ground pepper, 150 grams of vegetable oil and dried herbs (oregano, basil).

You need to do everything in steps:

  1. Onions and peppers are washed, peeled and cut into large pieces.
  2. Prepared vegetables fry in oil for 5 minutes, adding to the mixture 1 clove of garlic, passed through the press.
  3. With zucchini and eggplant, do the same procedure. It is better to work on different dishes.
  4. Products gather in one deep frying pan, add salt, tomatoes, herbs (a couple of tablespoons), pepper. Stew for 20 minutes on very low heat.
  5. In a separate saucepan, boil the pasta. Drain the water and cover the pasta with vegetables. Products should be put out together for 1-2 minutes.

Now the pasta with vegetables is ready, it can be safely served on the table.

A worthy alternative

If desired, pasta with vegetables can beprepared much easier. To do this, you need only 400 grams of spaghetti, 1 tomato, 70 grams of hard cheese, half a bulb and a garlic head, a teaspoon of salt, 30 milliliters of vegetable oil, parsley (a couple of twigs) and 0.8 liters of water.

The process goes in several stages:

1) Preparation of products. To do this, chop the garlic with a knife, cut the onions into semicircles, tomatoes - cubes, and grate the cheese with a grater.

2) Fry the pasta, tomatoes, onions, butter in a frying pan. Pour the food with water and put on a stove. After boiling, cook until the water evaporates.

3) Add the garlic, stir and again leave to cook for another 2 minutes.

4) Cover the cheese, cover and turn off the fire. After a couple of minutes the dish will be completely ready for consumption.

Before you lay out on plates, it should be well mixed, and then you can decorate with small pieces of fresh tomatoes.

Aromatic additive

vegetables with tomato paste

If you look at the dictionary, you can see thatthe word "pasta" has one more meaning. This is a gritty homogeneous mass. In cooking, there is also the concept of "tomato paste". It, in fact, is a product obtained by boiling juicy tomatoes. But if you add a few more products from the garden to the usual mixture, you will get wonderful vegetables with tomato paste. To prepare the dish you will need: 10 tomatoes, 2 onions, 6 cloves of garlic, 2 peppers, a tablespoon of sugar, 70 grams of vegetable oil, 30 grams of vinegar, a little salt and 2 glasses of water.

The work is conducted in the usual sequence:

  1. Rinse all vegetables thoroughly and peel the pepper inside of the seeds.
  2. Then cut everything with a knife into cubes of medium size.
  3. Oil pour into a deep frying pan with a thick bottom, put on a fire and bring to a boil. Put there onion with garlic and fry for 3 minutes until the characteristic odor.
  4. Add the tomatoes and peppers. The mixture continues to simmer for another 10-15 minutes, until the products soften.
  5. Pour into a frying pan ½ cup of water and continue to heat the contents for 5 minutes.
  6. Add the remaining components and continue the cooking process for another 5 minutes. 5.
  7. Once all the ingredients have turned into porridge, it is necessary to close the lid tightly and leave the frying pan to cool the product.

If desired, the mixture can be ground in a blender. If not, even in the usual form it will be a perfect addition to boiled rice, pasta or meat dishes.

Macaroni in sauce

pasta with vegetables in creamy sauce

In the Italian cuisine there are often dishes,When the pasta is immediately cooked in a sauce. An example of this can serve as pasta with vegetables in a creamy sauce. It is not difficult to make a dish, but only 0.5 kg of spaghetti, salt, one piece of various vegetables (onions, carrots, zucchini, Bulgarian pepper), ground pepper and 200 grams of cream (20% fat content) are needed. If desired, you can add a little butter and cheese.

The process technology is simple:

  1. Fresh vegetables to wash and gently crush: carrots, zucchini and sweet peppers - straws, and onions - half rings.
  2. To start, lightly brown the carrot in a frying pan.
  3. Add chopped peppers and fry the foods together. Similarly, do the same with the rest of the vegetables.
  4. At this time, boil the spaghetti. Drain off the water and sprinkle the pasta lightly with oil and shake so that they do not stick together later.
  5. To the vegetables add a decoction of spaghetti, spices, a little bit to put out.
  6. In the softened mixture, pour in the cream, add salt and sprinkle with pepper. The weight should be a little puffed up.
  7. Ready sauce put in a pan with pasta and gently mix.

It is better to serve to the table at once, while the dish retains a fresh smell and aroma.

Appetizing ingredient

pasta with vegetables in Italian

Everyone knows that Italian cuisine is notjust delicious. They look very appetizing and look spectacular on the table. A vivid example of this is pasta with vegetables in Italian. It takes literally a minimum of products: spaghetti, 200 grams of any minced meat, 3 tomatoes, 2 sweet peppers, salt, 3 cloves of garlic, dill greens and ground pepper.

Everything is ready too quickly:

  1. First you need to peel off the pepper. Therefore, it should be put in the oven for 10 minutes, and then for 15 minutes - in a plastic bag. After this procedure, the film is removed easily.
  2. All vegetables are well rinsed with water and optionally grind.
  3. Now the process of preparation begins. First you need to lightly garlic in oil.
  4. Then add the stuffing there and mix well.
  5. Next in the pan are tomatoes. As soon as they become soft, immediately cut down pepper and spices.
  6. While vegetables are being stewed, there is time for boiling spaghetti.

Now it remains only to put everything on the plate. Macaroni can be rolled up in the form of a nest, and spread the vegetable mixture and greens around. But there is another option: to mix products. It all depends on the desire of the cook.

A budget option

pasta with stewed vegetables

There are situations when there is not much choice in the houseproducts. This can happen to anyone. For such an emergency, a paste with stewed vegetables is perfect. An ideal dish for a family dinner and products is required very little: 250 grams of spaghetti - 1 onion, 2 tomatoes, 1 carrot, 50 grams of cream and 35 grams of vegetable oil, salt, a small bunch of parsley and flavored seasonings.

Cooking method:

  1. Boil the spaghetti first, drain the water and season with butter.
  2. Grind the fried vegetables for 5 minutes on a hot skillet.
  3. There also lay out prepared spaghetti, salt and selected spices. Cover everything with a lid and simmer for 5-7 minutes.
  4. Finish the dish on the plates and decorate with greens.

Prepare such a simple dinner you canliterally in an hour. Perhaps someone will cope with this even faster. But the pleasant impression and good mood that will remain after this dish will last for a long time.

A satisfying menu

pasta with vegetables in tomato sauce

Macaroni with vegetables is a dish that quicklyleads to saturation and makes it possible not to overdo with the amount. Confirmation of this will be pasta with vegetables in tomato sauce. First you need to stock up on the products: 0,4 kilograms of pasta (spaghetti, butterflies or any other), 1 jar of tomato sauce, ground pepper, 200 grams of broccoli, 150 grams of cauliflower, 100 grams of vegetable mix (corn, carrots and green peas ) and a little salt.

The whole process will take no more than 30 minutes:

  1. Put the pasta.
  2. At this time, fry the vegetables in oil in a frying pan.
  3. Add the tomato paste, cover the lid, leave the mixture slowly stew.
  4. Cooked and washed pasta add to the boiling mass.
  5. Cook all together for a couple of minutes, and then put on a dish and sprinkle with grated cheese (you can not do this).

This dish is perfect for a nice conversation in the company of friends. And to keep the conversation to the table you can serve a glass of wine.

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