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Mushroom soup with mushrooms: a delicate and tasty dish for mushroom lovers

Mushroom soup is an object of adoring the French,Greeks and Italians for its surprisingly soft, delicate creamy taste. Plus, it's low calorie and excellent dietary qualities. At the same time, paradoxically, it gives a feeling of satiety. A variety of ways to prepare mushroom soups allow you to taste the aroma and unforgettable taste, and even push the housewives to bold experiments to replenish their collection of recipes.

Who at least once tried the soup-puree fromchampignons, immediately replenishes the ranks of his admirers and can enjoy them even every day, because the preparation of soup-puree is not difficult, as evidenced by the recipes.

We will use one of them to create this culinary delicacy, which can be called cream soup with cream, as cream gives a special delicate taste to this dish.

For 10 minutes before browning, toaston olive oil finely chopped three cloves of garlic and a small onion. Adding 500 grams of champignons washed and cut into plates, stew, stirring, for 10 minutes, without forgetting to put in the end 1-2 spoons of flour. We shift all this into a blender with 1.5 liters of broth (you can water), salt and spices to taste and whisk to a consistency resembling a liquid mashed potatoes. After that, we pour into a saucepan, add 200 milliliters of cream, 2 tablespoons of butter and cook for 10 minutes. Mushroom soup of champignons is ready! We pour out on plates, decorating with grated parmesan and greens. Usually such soups serve toast or croutons.

In the next version, the preparation of soup-mashed potatoes allows the use of frozen mushrooms and even canned, but much tastes better, if the mushrooms are fresh.

In two tbsp. Spoons of butter fry 600 grams of mushrooms; putting the two spoons in a separate bowl, the rest continue to fry, adding to them finely chopped clove of garlic and onion. At the end add flour.

In the pan, where boiled 2 cups of milk (you canhalf with the mushroom broth) to send mushrooms with onions and continue to cook together. Then pour the contents of the pot into the blender, where it is beaten to a consistency of puree. Then, pour back into the pan and add 100 milliliters of fatty cream and mushrooms that have been set aside, bring only to a boil. The soup is served hot, adding cream to it.

And this recipe, where there is potatoes, makes soup-mashed potatoes more close to the taste of soup lovers with "second bread".

Until the golden color fry in creamybutter (20 grams) finely chopped onions and then add to it 300 grams of chopped champignons, fry lightly. Ship all in a pot, which is 6 pieces of peeled and diced potatoes, fully covered with salted water. And, stirring, cook until done. Then you need to merge the broth and mix the contents of the pan with a blender, gradually adding the broth, to the consistency that is needed. We heat again and, stirring, we introduce 200 milliliters of cream. When it boils - cream soup with cream (judging by their number), potatoes and champignons is ready. Decorate it can and twigs of greenery, and slices of mushrooms.

Another very simple recipe, where one of the ingredients is potatoes.

Fry the finely chopped onion and grated 1carrots on vegetable oil. Separately fry 150 grams of champignons, sliced. 7-8 pieces of potatoes boil in salted water. Drain the water into a separate container. Stir the potatoes and bring to the consistency of liquid sour cream, adding potato broth. Then add the fried ingredients, taste pepper, salt and greens. Here is a mushroom soup made of champignons.

Among the many recipes you can always find soup puree to your taste, and you can experiment regularly.

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