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Details on how to prepare a stuffed peppers in a multivark with a rich broth

How to cook stuffed peppers in a multivariatewith vegetables and a fragrant broth? This question is especially relevant for those people who adhere to a vegetarian diet. It is worth noting that in creating such a vegetable dish there is nothing difficult. But, nevertheless, have good to try to make a very hearty and delicious meal without meat.

How to cook stuffed peppers in a multivariate?

how to cook stuffed peppers in a multivariate

Necessary ingredients:

  • Bulbs large - 3 pcs .;
  • red large tomatoes - 2 pcs .;
  • aubergine young medium - 1 pc .;
  • sea ​​salt, sweet pepper - add at discretion;
  • Bulgarian peppers - 7 pcs. (by number of guests);
  • fresh large carrots - 2 pcs .;
  • tomato sauce - 3 large spoons;
  • Refined sunflower oil - for roasting vegetables;
  • ketchup, chopped fresh greens, sour cream - for serving to the table (optional).

Processing of necessary vegetables

Before you can cook in a multi-stuffed peppers, it is necessary to treat each purchased product well. To do this, you need to peel onions, tomatoes and aubergines, and then chop them into small cubes. After this, it is necessary to grate the carrots on a grater and release the peppers from the stems and seeds.

Passekrovka vegetables

pepper stuffed with vegetables in a multivark
To pepper, stuffed with vegetables, in a multivarkIt has turned out fragrant and especially tasty, it is recommended to fry a part of vegetables a little. To do this, put on the chopped onions and grated carrots in a bowl, pour a little oil on them, pour in sea salt and sweet pepper, and then put the baking program for a quarter of an hour. During this time, the vegetables should be well fried and become completely soft. Then they must be put in a bowl, add to them eggplant and chopped tomatoes. As a result, you have a vegetable mass, which is the filling of the future dish.


Stuffed peppers in the multicolour Polaristhey turn out tasty and with a meat ingredient, and with vegetables. Today we are considering the second option, as we are preparing a vegetarian dish. Thus, the prepared stuffing from vegetables needs to be placed in fresh Bulgarian peppers, and then set them in an upright position in a bowl where the onions and carrots were recently fried.

Heat treatment in multivark

stuffed peppers in the multivariate polaris

To make such a dish along with fragrantbroth, it is advisable to pour two glasses of water to peppers, as well as sprinkle a small amount of salt, pepper and add a few spoons of tomato sauce. Then you need to put the quenching program for 1 hour. After completing this mode, the stuffed dish should be kept warm for about 15-20 minutes.

How to serve for dinner?

Now you know how in the multivariateto cook stuffed peppers with vegetables. It is worth noting that this dish is served to the table in deep soup plates only in hot form. In addition, peppers stuffed with aromatic ingredients are recommended to be additionally flavored with ketchup, and sprinkled with chopped fresh parsley and dill.

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