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Tasty and light cakes. Recipes

Even if it seems to you that you absolutely can notcook, there is always a way out. Find the easiest recipes of cakes. You do not need to go far beyond them, you will find them in this article. However, remember that an easy recipe for cake is also a recipe. It is necessary to follow all instructions clearly, especially if you are preparing this dessert for the first time.

light cakes recipe

Light cakes. Recipe

What is the difference between simple recipes and complex recipes? First, the number of ingredients and the time spent on cooking. And, of course, the required professional skills of the cook.

Light cakes. Recipe "mother-in-law"

Already the most humorous name of this confectioneryThe product is tuned to a cheerful working mood. So, you need a half glass of sifted flour of the highest grade, two hundred grams of soft butter, a quarter of a glass of milk, a pinch of table salt, and two raw egg yolks. With regard to the filling, it is made from a small amount of breadcrumbs, ten egg whites, one glass of peeled walnuts, eight yolks, sugar and vanillin.

easy cake recipe

Cooking method

From the products set aside for cakes, mix the dough(just mix the ingredients in a deep dish). Then divide the dough into parts. Their amount depends on the desired amount of cakes. Usually they are made at least three. All the dough is sent to the refrigerator for about an hour. Thoroughly grease with a soft oil form in which you are going to bake. At the bottom lay the dough, and top it with a stuffing (it's done very simply - you have to mix the remaining ingredients). Repeat this procedure until the dough or mixture for the filling has run out. Top the cake with a raw egg and pierce the sharp fork in several places. Now it remains only to bake the cake to the full.

Light cakes. Recipe "The Handful"

As you managed to notice, the first cake "Mother-in-law"is prepared in an elementary way. It's not harder to bake a second cake. So, first you need to make a special dough, like for brewed cakes. How is it prepared? Boil a glass of water along with a slice of margarine (about a gram a hundred). In the same mixture, add a pinch of sugar. After this mass boils, remove the saucepan from the plate and quickly pour a glass of high grade flour there. Do not forget to sift it beforehand. Unnecessary trash can ruin the cake and all the impression of it. Stir the dough. This should be done carefully, the consistency should be absolutely homogeneous. As a result, your dough will seem to lie away from the bottom of the pot itself.

easiest recipes for cakes

Light cakes. Recipe. Further actions

Carefully place the resulting dough onbaking tray. Bake small cakes. Then cut each cake a little and place it inside the walnut. Fold the ready-made cakes with a slide. Combine the whole condensed milk with white yoghurt and fill this mixture with a slide made of walnut cakes. In a separate bowl, combine the butter, cocoa and sugar. This is the glaze for decoration. She needs to completely pour the cake. Put the dessert in the fridge for a while to let it soak through the cream. Directly before serving, you can sprinkle it with a sweet powder.

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