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Let's look into the dream book: dropping teeth - what's this for?

Teeth in a dream are an image of the body's defenses andsoul. Any of us at least once saw dreams in which teeth are present. They can appear in completely different hypostases and forms. In this case, each of the dreams can be interpreted in different ways. It all depends on some specific circumstances in which you saw a dream. About this and talk.

Miller's dream book

Dying teeth warn you of anylife failures, to which you should prepare thoroughly. If you interpret this dream in more detail, then, according to Gustav Miller, he is a harbinger of various conflict situations and disagreements with your relatives and friends. Rotten (yellow) teeth will dream of diseases that you will have in the near future. Miller advises us, after such dreams, to seriously think about our state of health and do self-analysis to try to avoid conflicts in the family.

dream sleepy teeth
Miller does not exclude the possibility that dreams withfalling out (or already dropped out) teeth - this is the most common projection of real events on our subconscious. We may have problems with the oral cavity, we could already visit the dentist's office and so on.

Family Dream Book

Dropping teeth in any dream is, of course, notquite a pleasant phenomenon. They very often become prophetic and interpreted differently depending on whether the blood was on their teeth. This is what the family dream book says: the front tooth with blood fell out - a dangerous situation is coming, which will happen in the life of one of your close people. Think about who would be your relatives.

dream book fell out front teeth

The prophetic dream book

Have your front teeth dropped out? Since teeth in a dream are considered the protection of our body, the loss of the most important defenders - the front teeth - speaks of a "breach" in the defense. Concentrate, take the fist and think over your weaknesses. The hour is not even, your envious people and enemies will find a loophole in your defense and strike!

Intimate dream book

Dropping teeth - a sign of bad taste, and evena kind of indicator of doubt in its appearance. You have ceased to monitor yourself, as a consequence - to attract the attention of the opposite sex. In addition, a similar picture can dream and the boss, who suspects that he ceased to be an authority for subordinates. In this case, one can speak of a deficit of one's own dignity, of an inability to defend one's honor, and to stand up for oneself. Be more confident!

dream book fell front tooth

Tsvetkovsky Dream Book

Dropping teeth, according to the interpretation of EugeneTsvetkova, this is an indicator of the poor state of your body. Soon you will have difficulties and different obstacles. If you are a careerist, then such a dream promises you disappointment and trouble at work: perhaps they will sit you up, and maybe you will get very screwed out and crash out!

Tsvetkov says that teeth are a symbolmaturity and stability. If at the moment when you dream of them, for you in life the family and relations with relatives are the main thing, then dropping teeth is a sign of disagreement with them.

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