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Wisteria in the suburbs - a new variety

Wisteria in the suburbs photo
Wisteria is a decorative ornamental beanliana. It is considered to be a fairly thermophilic culture that has come to Russia from the United States or East Asia. It is successfully grown in the south, especially in the Crimea or in Transcaucasia.

However, many gardeners want to grow thisflower in more northern regions, for example, in the capital. Some believe that wisteria in the suburbs does not occur, because the climate for it - not suitable. However, there are such experienced summer residents, on the sites of which this culture has taken root and has been flowering enough time for its owners.

Of course, the attempts of so many residents of the capital andher suburbs to grow this bright and lush vine ended in deep disappointment. In some cases, wisteria in the suburbs even pleased their owners with rare flowers, but after the first winter colds finally died.

Wisteria growing in the suburbs

In the beginning, many simply gave up and stoppedplant this crop on the sites, but today it became clear that the failure of these attempts was due to the use of such varieties as bicoloured or Chinese, known for their increased thermophilic and intolerant frosts above fifteen degrees.

Not so long ago,A new variety of wisteria, called a double-leafed paste. According to the developers, this plant is able to tolerate even forty-degree cold. It is due to this feature of wisteria in the suburbs, it will soon not be a rarity.

However, even despite such characteristics, it should be borne in mind that this culture requires a lot of attention and patience from the gardener, so growing it will not be so easy.

Wisteria in the suburbs should grow on the mostsunny and southern parts of the garden. Even a double bed can not stand a draft or a strong wind, so it is necessary to plant it in the most peaceful place from the air streams.

Buying planting material, the gardener should be sure that the seedlings are grafted. It's only in this case that wisteria will blossom in the garden.

Cultivation in the suburbs is best done on a slightly alkaline drained soil.

Reproduction of the plant occurs vegetatively orseeds, but the latter method is very long. Therefore, the wisteria grown in this way in Moscow and in the middle part of our country starts to bloom only for the fourth or fifth year. In addition, the multiplication of seeds of the same variety, the mahrostachia, as a rule, does not preserve certain characteristics of the culture. Therefore, the received copy can be very different from its "parent".

Wisteria in the suburbs
Experts believe that wisteria in the suburbs, whose photo is no different from its southern counterparts, is better reproduced by layers.

In the first year the plant forms its skeleton, so it is more correct at this time to keep it in a container, abundantly watering and feeding.

We must not forget about the garter. Its absence can lead to the cessation of growth and drying of the tips of the branches.

It will be more correct if the first winter of wisteria inMoscow suburbs will survive in a cellar in a container. And already in spring, a trimmed and formed bush is planted in its permanent place for cultivation. It must be the warmest part of the garden, otherwise there will be no flowers.

The winter shelter is already the same for many perennial terraces, as for the climbing varieties of roses. In the absence of snow, you need to stock up for additional additional covering material - dry foliage.

Wisteria in the suburbs, as well as in other regions, should be tied up annually. You can not allow the braiding of the support to fall easily to shoot shoots, press down to the ground and tightly cover.

Despite the fact that wisteria in the suburbs - it's still rare, with proper diligence the plant will certainly please the hosts with their bright colors.

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