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Does anyone know how to plant grapes in the suburbs?

Even in the seventeenth century on the breadth of Moscowattempts were made to grow grapes. Then the first grape garden was laid. Tens of kilograms of amber berries are grown in amateur gardeners in the Moscow region. A large number of new grape varieties have already been harvested. And if the shelter is excellent, then they have a wonderful winter in

how to plant grapes in the suburbs
regions with severe winter.

In addition, new varieties are resistant to disease and do not need to be sprayed. What sorts of grapes for the suburbs? recommend planting experienced gardeners? These are the ones that have excellent taste qualities and remarkable commercial appearance, resistance to diseases and high yields.

How are these varieties called? As a rule, this is Delight, Codrians, Laura, Tomai, Cardinal, Victoria, Zest and many others.

Amateur gardeners often wonder: "How to plant grapes in the suburbs?". Thanks to the work and enthusiasm of many breeders, vineyards

sorts of grapes for the Moscow region
live in new areas. This plant moves towards the north. Accordingly, the experience of its growing in the band of "dangerous viticulture" is accumulating.

What is advised and recommended for agrotechnicsgrapes are experienced professionals to beginner wine growers? How to plant grapes in the suburbs? Photophilous and thermophilic grapes are best planted on the south side of the fence, houses or farm buildings. And the distance should not be closer than half a meter from the walls. Single grape bushes are planted in pits 60x60x60 cm. And if it is necessary to plant several bushes, dig out trenches, the depth and width of which is 60 cm.

The most important plant roots, as a rule,located at a depth of 40 cm. And the length of the trench depends on the number and expected size of the vine bushes. Gardeners recommend to observe the distance when planting between small varieties 1 meter, and between grades of an average size of 1.5 meters. Between strong-growing varieties, a distance of 2 meters is observed.

Not everyone knows how to plant grapes inMoscow region. Young gardeners should well remember: along the trench is set up trellis. On the trellis must be stretched horizontally the wire or kapron cord. The wire is stretched in one plane and in several levels. The first wire from the ground should be at a distance of 30 cm. Between

grape seed planting
the first and second wires observe a distance of 40 cm. The second and third are fixed at a distance of 50 cm, the third and fourth - 60 cm, and the rest in the same way.

As a rule, planting a seedling of grapes beginsin the fall. Consequently, in the autumn they begin to prepare the soil. At the bottom of the landing trench or pit lay a layer of broken bricks. The thickness of the layer is approximately 20 cm. The pit is filled with fertile soil, into which gravel, sand and compost, mineral and organic fertilizers are added in equal parts.

How to plant grapes in the suburbs, you cantell a very long time. We add only one point: sometimes pieces of pipes are placed along the trench or along the edges of the landing holes. Through them it is very convenient to water and feed the grape seedlings.

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