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Control of construction works - a pledge to ensure the quality of construction products

Construction of buildings and structures representsa long and complex process. Quality control of the works performed during the construction of facilities is carried out by state bodies, representatives of customers, contractors, designers.

Let's talk in detail about the bodies that carry out technical control in construction.

There are two main forms of supervision:

  • internal control;
  • external control.

Internal control of construction works

This type of technical supervision at the construction sitethe construction and contracting organizations involved in the process of erecting the building themselves. They draw up a passport for manufactured products, which notes its compliance with the necessary standards.

Control of construction works

The result of the input control is the confirmation of the conformity of the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of materials, structures, products and documentation entering the construction site.

Operational control is performed duringproduction of certain types of work or immediately after their completion by means of measurements or technical inspection. All results are recorded in special lists and journals.

Acceptance control of certain types of constructionwork involves the confirmation of the conformity of the final product to quality and making a decision on the possibility of operating the product. This type of control is carried out not only by contractors, but by the customer and the designer, therefore it can be attributed to external control.

External control of construction and installation works is carried out by a number of bodies and divisions.

  • Technical supervision by the customer. It is carried out throughout the entire construction period of the facility. The customer checks the conformity of all hidden works on the construction site, accepts the basic designs and elements, participates in the acceptance commission. If there is a discrepancy between the quality of work, the violation of construction technology and other inconsistencies, the technical supervision on the part of the customer is entitled to suspend work until all defects have been corrected.
    Control of construction and installation works
  • Control of construction work from the sidedesigner is called author's supervision. It is also maintained throughout the construction period. In the process of author supervision, control over the implementation of design decisions and requirements of regulatory documents is carried out. Control by the designer is a paid service (by agreement between the customer and the author of the project).
  • On the part of state bodies, controlConstruction works are carried out by the State Architectural and Construction Supervision (GosArchStroyNadzor). This body is the main controlling link in the process of technical supervision in construction. He carries out his activities at the stages of engineering research, design and construction of the facility itself.
    Technical control in construction
    It is the Agency that approves the project, issues a permitto carry out construction work, monitors the correctness of their maintenance on the site. He has the right to stop the construction process, check the availability of any technical documents, fine for non-compliance with standards and requirements, initiate criminal proceedings and so on.
  • The fire inspection checks the compliance of the construction site with fire safety requirements.
  • The sanitary inspection carries out sanitary-epidemiological control and supervision at the construction site and monitors compliance with measures aimed at protecting the environment.
  • Control of labor safety of participants in the construction process and compliance with labor law standards is carried out by the technical inspection of trade unions.
  • The control of construction works is carried out with the help of mandatory certification of services in construction and manufactured products.
  • Licensing of survey, design and construction activities is mandatory for organizations that carry out these types of activities.
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